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For The Benefit Of Future Generation

A huge Black Box is being set up on the Australian island of Tasmania to inform the next generation or anyone from other parts of the solar system about how the modern civilisation would become extinct. The Australian scientists have claimed that nothing would destroy the Earth’s Black Box. According to them, this indestructible Black Box is just like the Black Box of an aircraft. In case an aircraft meets with an accident, its Black Box helps investigators recover the last moment communications between the pilot and the Air Traffic Control (ATC). It is because of the Black Box, investigators come to know whether the pilot made an attempt to save the aircraft, and why the aeroplane could not be saved.

The University of Tasmania, which has manufactured the Black Box jointly with Clemenger Group and The Glue Society, has said in a statement that the 33ft-long Black Box, made of three-inch thick steel, would be installed in a remote area of Tasmania in early 2022. However, the exact location, where it would be placed, would be kept secret.

Although scientists are trying hard to curb the pace of Global Warming and Climate Change in order to prevent the sixth mass extinction, politicians and administrators are creating troubles for them. All this information is kept in real time in that Black Box, as the work has already begun with hard drives, with a capacity to collect information for about 50 years, powered by solar energy. These hard drives have been secretly installed in different parts of the globe in the last few years.


According to the statement issued by the University of Tasmania, information about all the species, including animals and plants, which have become extinct due to Global Warming and Climate Change, the rate at which environmental pollution is increasing, and the effects of all these on Human Health and Economy shall be stored in the Black Box.

Scientists have admitted that the model of Norway’s Doomsday Vault encouraged them to make the Earth’s Black Box. It may be noted that Doomsday Vault or the Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a secure backup facility for the world’s crop diversity on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, as it provides long-term storage of duplicates of seeds conserved in gene-banks around the world. The Doomsday Vault provides security of the world’s food supply against the loss of seeds in gene-banks due to mismanagement, accidents, equipment failures, funding cuts, and natural disasters. Similarly, the Earth’s Black Box will hold humans accountable for Climate Change.

Doomsday Vault, Norway

Scientists have chosen Tasmania as the place to install the Black Box for its relative geopolitical and environmental safety, as the monolith is designed to be resilient against threats, including cyclones, earthquakes, etc. Its sloped walls could easily prevent attacks by vandals.

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