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A Planet Under Severe Pressure!

Earth, the habitable bluish green planet, will be alien to the Human Civilisation in 400 years. The Earth will no longer be habitable as a result of rapid Climate Change. Well, the scientists of the UN have given this warning in their newly published report, titled: ‘United Nations Assessment of Nationally Determined Contributions’. The report has recently been published in the scientific research journal Global Change Biology.

As per the report, even if the States manage to fulfill their recent commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the average global temperature will rise by at least 2.7 degrees Celsius, compared to levels in pre-industrial period, in the next 79 years. It will trigger frequent, terrible and unprecedented wildfires all over the world. In the same way, the intensity and number of storms, cyclones, droughts, floods, heat and cold waves would also increase, making the Earth no longer habitable by the end of 2100. Scientists have further warned that (land and water) ecosystems, too, would change radically.

Explained: What will happen to the world in 2100?

It may be noted that the Paris Climate Agreement had warned that the rise of average global temperature must be kept at 2 degrees Celsius higher than average temperature in pre-industrial era by 2100. Else, the Human Civilisation will come to an end.

According to the UN scientists, it would not be possible to check the rise of average global temperature even after 2100. As a result, much of the world’s agricultural land would become barren. Those lands would gradually move towards the two poles of the Earth. At the same time, ice sheets in two polar regions would melt, raising the sea level and lifting the land hidden beneath them. The Amazon Basin would also dry up in another four centuries.

Villages of the Indian subcontinent: (Above) what was before; (Middle) contemporary farming; (Bottom) The way robots would have to farm lands in the absence of farmers in 2100

Due to the increase in intensity and incidences of heat waves in tropical countries, including India, the entire region would become uninhabitable, if the Global Community does not act now.

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