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In Order To Control The Line

China plans to play the Tibet card in order to create troubles for neighbouring India. Beijing has made it mandatory for every Tibetan family to send at least one member to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). President Xi Jinping’s July 21-23 visit to the politically troubled region of Tibet was the first official visit by a Chinese leader in three decades. Immediately after his visit, the Indian intelligence officials have reportedly received information to this tune.

According to sources close to the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW, the foreign intelligence agency of India), Beijing has issued a special guideline for Tibet in which it has been clearly mentioned that one person from each family should join the Chinese Army! The move is aimed at increasing the number of troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) near the Ladakh border.

President Xi visiting Tibet

India and China have been almost at loggerheads in Ladakh for more than a year. Although the two Asian neighbours have withdrawn their troops from the Pangong Lake area and the adjoining China-administered Aksai Chin region, Beijing has refused to withdraw troops from Hot Springs and Gogra Post, which, along with Depsang Plains, remain the friction points between the two sides. The Indian and Chinese troops and armoured columns had disengaged on the north and south banks of Pangong Tso and the Kailash range in February 2021. In a statement, Beijing said: “India should be happy with what has been achieved.

India-China Territorial Dispute

Interestingly, the Chinese soldiers are facing difficulties in tackling their Indian counterparts in remote areas, and hence, Beijing has decided to recruit those, who know that remote area of Ladakh well, in the PLA. Initiatives have also been taken by the PLA to deploy Tibetan youths along the Arunachal border. At the same time, Beijing is trying hard to contain the anti-China stance of the Tibetans. So, the Tibetans are being recruited in the Chinese Army only after clearing a loyalty test. As the Asian Giant wants to deploy Tibetan youths along the LAC on a permanent basis, a special training has been arranged for them.

President Xi & Indian PM Narendra Modi

Defence Experts are of the opinion that China’s move would only deteriorate the Sino-Indian ties in the coming days. They believe that the top Political Leadership in Beijing wants to destabilise India in an attempt to increase its influence in South Asia. Currently, Beijing maintains cordial ties with Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

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