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A Green Deal & A Proposed Action

The 27 member-countries of the European Union (EU) have vowed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by the end of 2030. The main objective of such a move is to reduce emissions to the full by 2050. Although some have called the plan very ambitious, others have appreciated it.

Currently, China, the US and India are at the top of the list of countries polluting the world with carbon emissions. So far, these three countries have not been able to reduce carbon emissions. However, the EU nations, which are responsible for only 8% of global emissions, have decided to take firm action against greenhouse gas emissions. Hence, the European bloc’s move is certainly commendable. The Global Community is well aware of the fact that in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is necessary to impose tax on the factory production system and transport sector for emitting carbon dioxide at high level. Naturally, it would have a huge impact on industry, the economy, and also on the common man. The EU has accepted the challenge of reducing carbon emissions by being pragmatic, as far as pro-people policies and economic stability are concerned.

One should keep in mind the fact that even if those, who emit only 8% of the global greenhouse gas, manage to reduce their emissions by 50%, the global emissions, correspondingly, would decrease by 4% only. The EU could have asked China, the US and India, who are responsible for the maximum carbon emissions, to act first. While China alone accounts for 27% of the global carbon emissions, the US accounts for 11%. Although India is in the third position, the South Asian nation’s carbon emissions are much lower… its per capita emissions, too, are marginal compared to China and the US.

The US has been dominating World Politics since the 1990s to a large extent, while China has gradually emerged as a Global Economic Power. However, they have made no serious efforts to check Global Warming and Climate Change. After becoming the 46th President of the US in January 2021, Joe Biden emphasised on his country’s responsibility to address the seriousness of Climate Change. Speaking at the International Climate Conference in April 2020, Chinese President Xi Jinping, too, called for unprecedented efforts to improve Global Environmental Governance in order to promote the sustainable development of humanity. However, the two leaders are yet to keep their promise.

Chinese President Xi with his US counterpart Biden

On the contrary, the EU nations have decided to take the lead in reducing carbon emissions, despite going through a Political and Economic crisis during the time of Pandemic. They have rightly realised that there is only one Earth and the entire world is suffering from Climate Change. Hence, everyone has a responsibility to save the Earth. The liability of the EU may be less, but its responsibility is huge!

The EU’s efforts to tackle the Climate Crisis make it clear that the role of a leader is to understand the importance of the situation and take the most necessary steps. Leaders do not shy away from protecting the public interest, as they have the guts to ignore petty interests. Unfortunately, Statesmen, like Xi Jinping or Joe Biden, have failed to accept such a definition of Global Leadership. Otherwise, the world would have been a much cooler and comfortable place to live in.

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