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A Significant Find From The Ruins

Archaeologists have revealed another invaluable piece of History by excavating a site in Saqqara near the Egyptian Capital of Cairo. Zahi Hawass, the noted Archaeologist, Egyptologist, and former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs, believes that the revelation will rewrite the History of Saqqara!

Saqqara is not only an Archaeological Site in Cairo, but also a Heritage Site certified by UNESCO. One can find lots of pyramids, ancient monasteries, and even ancient graveyards of animals, there! Hawass has informed the press that 50 wooden coffins, each no less than 3,000-year-old, have been recovered from the site during the excavation works. He is of the opinion that this discovery will help Researchers trace a new era!

Unearthed adorned wooden sarcophagi on display during the official announcement of the discovery of a new trove of treasures at Egypt’s Saqqara necropolis south of Cairo, on January 17.

Other than the wooden coffins, several weapons have also been recovered from the excavation site. According to Hawass, a wooden coffin was also there in the grave and an axe of a soldier was kept inside the grave of the soldier. This is a very rare discovery, as all the materials, recovered from this site, date from 16 BCE to 11 BCE. Hence, this discovery would definitely aid Researchers to check whether any new civilisation was formed in Saqqara at that period of time…

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has issued a statement, stressing that there were around 52 burial shafts, between 10-12 metres deep, containing hundreds of wooden coffins dating back to the New Kingdom Period, have been found. It is the first time when coffins, dating back 3,000 years, have been discovered in Saqqara, and most importantly, all the 50 anthropoid wooden coffins are relatively in good condition. The archaeologists, engaged there, also unearthed wooden funerary masks, a shrine dedicated to God Anubis, a few bird shaped artefacts, and a bronze axe in the site.

A mummy is displayed during the official announcement of the mission discovery at Egypt’s Saqqara necropolis south of Cairo, on January 17.

Meanwhile, the Ministry has confirmed that Archaeologists further discovered the Funeral Temple of Queen Nearit, the wife of King Teti, the first King of the Sixth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom. There are three mud-brick warehouses, built to store provisions, offerings and tools used in the Queen’s Tomb, near the Temple.

Hawass, the Head of the Egyptian Archaeological Mission, claimed that the latest discoveries would rewrite the History of Saqqara, especially during the times of the New Kingdom. The responsibility now lies, perhaps, on the researchers, who would rightly be able to assert the importance of the worship of King Teti during the 19th Dynasty of the New Kingdom. It seems that King Teti was worshiped during the 18th and 19th Dynasties of the New Kingdom, and the citizens were buried around his pyramid.

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