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It is said that non-fulfilment of cherished dreams, hopes and aspirations tend to play a very significant role in human lives… the innate desire, born out of regret, becomes one of the guiding forces of life. It is, in a way, common knowledge that encourages people to keep running after what initially stays elusive. Even if one does not get her/his heart’s desire, the person tries to find satisfaction in other things. A couple from Brazil, Ademir Avelino (52) and Glaucia Sudan (45), is trying a hand at this.

Ademir and Glaucia share a rather unusual hobby of travelling around the world, pretending they’ve just got hitched again. They not only visit different places mainly to take their wedding pictures and post their adventures on Facebook and Instagram under the title ‘Getting Married There’, but also encourage others to do the same! There is a history behind this hobby… the history of non-fulfilment of dreams. Ademir and Glaucia got married in 2014. However, they do not possess any pictures of that event. Now, they are trying to overcome that regret by clicking their wedding images in different parts of the Globe. Glaucia admitted that the obsession started after they didn’t get snapshots during their actual wedding ceremony in Sao Paulo in 2014. Hence, they’ve resolved to make up for the lost time that did not get captured. “Now it has become a hobby: wherever we go, we put a day aside for a shoot,” she stressed. Undoubtedly, this is an amazing hobby. Perhaps, only human beings can come up with such innovative ideas. This mentality, too, reflects a unique dimension of human character!

Ademir & Glaucia

Many people know that they have not been able to accomplish all their objectives. In fact, a good number of the extremely successful persons have tasted a prolonged lack of success. It is quite natural… perhaps, inevitable. A truly intelligent person accepts this reality and tries to achieve other feats as much as possible. This urge stems from Common Sense. Unfortunately, some people lack this Common Sense. They want to live in the Past! Often, this practice leads to Psychosis. People, who want to live in their Past, are reluctant to accept Truth belonging to the Present. Some of them are seen staying next to the corpse of their loved ones, as they choose not to accept Death, the inevitable! However, the Brazilian couple does not appear to be suffering from this type of mental illness. They simply rejoice their repeated actions of re-living with differently constructed images of their unattainable Past

However, no one can deny the fact that there is an undercurrent of uncertainty and fear behind such behaviour. Firstly, there is a fear of living in the Past. In other words, they make an excuse for themselves by turning a blind eye to their minds. The excuse is Unfulfilled Dreams of the Past. The Unfulfilled Dreams also encourage these people to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. They not only misunderstand themselves, but also misunderstand the world, thus, ignoring the Present and the Future in pursuit of fulfilling the unfulfilled dreams.

The Second fear is far deeper, in a sense. It is more than often that people make their Future complicated because of their yearning for the Past. They not only harm the plausible trends of events in their own respective future events problematic, but those of their loved ones’, as well! Many people would want to fulfil their unfulfilled dreams through their offsprings. This urge to fulfil one’s dreams or desires through her/his children is, in fact, an urge to own her/his Past. In other words, it is an attempt to set and manage the Past in the Future. This, indeed, is a worrisome trend…

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