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Born In New Decade!

Nearly 60,000 babies were born in India on January 1, 2021! With this, the South Asian nation has created a World Record, as the number is considerably much larger, when compared to other countries. However, the number is 7,390 lesser than the number of babies who were born in India in 2020…

In its latest report, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has stated that China is in the second position with 36,615 births on the very first day of the year. As per the report, 371,504 babies might have been born worldwide on the first day of 2021. Interestingly, around 52% of the total newborns may have been born in 10 countries, and India was at the top of the list! The countries in question are: India (59,995), China (35,615), Nigeria (21,439), Pakistan (14,161), Indonesia (12,336), Ethiopia (12,006), the US (10,312), Egypt (9,455), Bangladesh (9,236) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (8,640).

Citing annual estimates, the UNICEF stressed that 140 million babies might be born in 2021, with their average life expectancy would be 84 years!

Henrietta Fore, the Executive Director of UNICEF, has stated: “The children born today enter a world far different than even a year ago, and a New Year brings a new opportunity to re-imagine it.” She further stated: “Children born today will inherit the world we begin to build for them – today. Let us make 2021 the year we start to build a fairer, safer, healthier world for children.

Henrietta Fore

Meanwhile, it may be mentioned that Fiji welcomed the first baby of the decade…

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