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A Reconstructive Destruction?

A section of the Indians still exhibits satisfaction with the performance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Otherwise, the National Democratic Alliance, led by the PM, would definitely have failed to secure 45% of the votes in 2019 Parliamentary Polls. However, another section of people in the South Asian country has been shocked to see the unexpected change in the appearance of India under Modi’s leadership. Over the last six years, the Government has lost credibility in a number of Constitutional Safeguards, such as the Neutrality of Electoral System and Reliability of Government Information. These people have decided to remain silent and to not take part in any public debates on these issues, maybe out of apprehension that the Government might brand them Anti-Nationals. They have also started believing that a One Party System has replaced the Multi-Party System in India, and the new System ignores the Principle of Non-discrimination, as mentioned in the Constitution!

Unfortunately, those, who are blaming the Ruling Party in India for this situation, have not flipped through the pages of History. Immediately after the end of World War II, people across the globe had accused Adolf Hitler of creating the Dark Chapter of History. Gradually, the History began to adhere to a different point of view. In his publication ‘The Origins of the Second World War‘ (1961), British Historian A J P Taylor laid to rest the popular myth that surrounded the outbreak of WWII. Of course, Taylor – one of the most popular and controversial historians of the 20th Century – caused a storm of outrage with his scandalous book. However, it was an important publication. The author claimed that the German Führer, unlike Alexander the Great or Napoleon Bonaparte, did not have a very big ambition. Apparently, his main aim was to take control of the erstwhile Soviet Union. Hitler used to believe that the destruction of Soviet would make Europe happy. Of course, the Nazi supremo was encouraged by the concept of Lebensraum (the territory which a group, state or nation believes is needed for its natural development), as he used to believe that Germany could resolve various problems by occupying the then Soviet Union.

During that period of time, Political Leaders – of course with vested interests – gained popularity in Britain and France. They possessed different ideas. They were well aware of the fact that Germany had grown to be a leading Global Power in Technology and Innovation. It, hence, would not be possible to deprive Germany for long on the basis of the outcome of the First World War. Moreover, they wanted to corner the Soviet Union at the Global Stage. On September 30, 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and his French counterpart Edouard Daladier signed the Munich Pact with Chancellor Adolf Hitler. Although the agreement temporarily averted the outbreak of war, it handed over erstwhile Czechoslovakia to Germany. After signing the pact, PM Chamberlain reportedly told the British media that his Government had successfully established Peace with Germany. However, the Munich Pact failed to stop the Nazis from attacking Poland… and, it was then, Britain and France declared war against Germany!

One may find the root of today’s narrow-minded Democracy in India in an event that had taken place in 1992! When the demolition of the Babri Masjid, a Mosque that was built in 1528-29 by General Mir Baqi on the orders of Mughal Emperor Babur, was illegally carried out on December 6, 1992 by a large group of activists of the Vishva Hindu Parishad and allied organisations, it destroyed the Secular Fabric of India. The activists had taken six hours to destroy the historic mosque. However, the then Administration did not take any step to protect the Archaeological treasure…

Babri Masjid Demolition

It is a fact that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wanted to divide India through communal line at that time. However, the Indian National Congress was in Power in New Delhi, and then Prime Minister of India P V Narasimha Rao‘s inactiveness allowed the Hindutva activists to demolish the mosque. Perhaps, Rao thought that the destruction of the mosque would end a centuries-old controversy. He might also have given priority to his own Political Future.

After the demolition of the Mosque, communal riots rocked the western Indian city of Mumbai in 1992. And in March 1993, terror attacks claimed so many lives in the Business Capital of India. In 2002, the Indian National Congress got another opportunity to stop the rise of the BJP. Even after the Godhra Incident in the western Indian Province of Gujarat, then Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee did not take any action against Modi, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat. Vajpayee, seemingly, thought that such a move might allow the Indian National Congress and other Parties in Opposition to corner his Government. Even during the Congress’ rule (from 2004 to 2014), Modi did not face any trouble.

P V Narasimha Rao

In the 1930’s, the English leaders, possibly, did not want to fight a war against Germany, as they thought that Britain had already fought against Germany (the WWI). They actually wanted Nazi Germany to create troubles for the Soviet Union. In that case, Europe would not have to experience the rise of the Communists! Similarly, the long struggle of the Indian National Congress has not been for any particular ideology, but mainly for its own survival. They neither have liability, nor responsibility! Moreover, the oldest political outfit of India is completely dependent on the assistance provided by the Business Groups. It may be surmised that the Party is happy with just the Main Opposition status, having nothing to do with Prime Minister Modi’s Authoritarian rule…

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