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The Child Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) has revealed in its latest report that the demand for girl-child adoption is on the rise in India! As per data shared by CARA, the total number of adopted children in the last one year is 3,531, and among them, 2,061 are baby-girls, while 1,470 are baby-boys

According to the autonomous and statutory body of Indian Ministry of Women and Child Development, it usually offers three options when it receives requests for adoption… a boy, a girl or any one chosen by the organisation. CARA, set up in 1990 as the nodal body for the adoption of children in India, is of the opin,ion that the acceptance of girls in the Indian society is increasing because of the adoption of more baby-girls.

However, Social Workers have rejected the claim by CARA, saying that more baby-girls are being adopted because they are more in number (compared to baby-boys)! In most Indian families, female foeticide and abandoning of girl-children soon after their birth are rampant due to a high demand for boys. Hence, there are more baby-girls found in the Adoption Centres.

As far as official figures are concerned, more than 3,000 babies, from newborns to five-year-olds, have been adopted in the last 12 months in the South Asian Nation. The number of adopted children, between the age-group of five and 18, is 411. CARA has further mentioned in its report that people often want to adopt children under the age of two to enjoy their parenthood. However, a majority of the people do not adopt an abandoned helpless child only to assure her/him a healthy life. As expected, there are also rare cases of adoption of a child with any kind of disabilities.

Meanwhile, the western Indian Province of Maharashtra has the highest number of adopted children in the last one year. According to a report by CARA, Maharashtra is followed by Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Odisha.

It is to be noted that CARA is also mandated to monitor and regulate in-country and inter-country adoptions.

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