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Home, Finally!

He went missing while travelling with his master by car on the way to visit relatives. When everyone in the family had given up hope of getting their favourite dog back, the seven-year-old canine – Dou Dou – came back. The little dog reportedly walked about 60km in 26 days, as his arduous quest to find his home ended with joy!

Dou Dou

Mr Qiu, the owner of the dog from Hangzhou in Eastern Chinese Province of Zhejiang, has said that he brought Dou Dou along during a family trip to the city of Jiande nearly 60km away. The dog went missing after Mr Qiu parked the car in a gas station on September 26, 2020. As he was very dear to everyone in the family, Mr Qiu and his family members tried their best to locate the dog. However, they failed to find him… and, returned home with broken hearts. “We hoped it would survive and find a good-hearted person who would adopt it,” stressed Mr Qiu.

However, the Qio family discovered that Dou Dou, exhausted and covered in dirt, was standing in front of their residence on October 22! Mr Qiu said that he did not believe it until he saw the dog with his own eyes after coming back from office. “Dou Dou was dirty, scruffy and emaciated, but still wagging its tail. He’s very lucky he wasn’t harmed,” he insisted. Meanwhile, the owner admitted that Dou Dou made him proud. “I used to think Dou Dou was kind of dumb, but now I really admire what it’s done,” he stressed. According to Mr Qiu, Dou Dou has recuperated and of full of energy since his return.

A Chinese animal expert is of the opinion that the dog’s ability to do so is nothing new. However, returning home after covering a distance of 60km in 26 days is an unprecedented feat, as Mr Qiu’s car presumably left no scent trails to follow for the pooch!

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