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Fahrenheit 451?

The Chinese authorities, reportedly, have removed some books from the State-run library of Hong Kong! Those books are being checked by the authorities… or the Ruler or the Chinese Communist Party. Beijing has made it clear that it is no more interested in following the One Nation, Two Systems formula, as the Asian Giant is determined to completely annex Hong Kong, ignoring the Autonomy enjoyed by the former British colony. Hence, the Chinese Government has enacted an Unprecedented and Undemocratic National Security Law in the City-State. In the coming days, the grip of Communist Dictatorship will intensify as the multi-dimensional goal of the recent move is to suppress the demand for Independence and to counter the anti-Government protests.

One of the main targets of the dictatorship or authoritarianism is Books! Authoritarian rulers have always banned those books, which encourage people to raise their voice against domination and to demand Freedom. Currently, the concerned authorities in Beijing are checking which books are against the newly enacted National Security Law. Initially, nine books have fallen under their scanner! According to sources close to the Chinese Communist Party, the contents of various magazines will also be monitored. Experts are of the opinion that privately owned libraries in Hong Kong, too, will receive instructions from the Chinese Government.

Joshua Wong Chi-fung, a Pro-Democracy activist of Hong Kong and a Student Leader, has slammed China for introducing such a Censorship System in Hong Kong. This sort of System exists in mainland China. Joshua has explained that the Chinese Communist Party is actually determined to suppress the Freedom of Expression. China has undergone many changes, especially in the Management of the Economic System, and has undertaken reform programmes in the last seven decades. However, it has never ensured the Freedom of Expression. The basic model of the 20th Century Socialist World still remains the same. The Socialist System does not encourage people to enjoy the Freedom of Speech.

The real cause for concern is that this tendency is becoming more and more apparent in the realm of the so-called Democracy. The image of intolerant rulers across the globe becomes terrible. Even, a number of democratically elected rulers are reluctant to accept criticism! In many Democratic countries, the top political leadership no longer hesitates to implement censorship. In the name of National Security, the rulers suppress the Freedom of Speech and Expression. To ban books is a common practice for them. Now, it is time for the people of Hong Kong to experience the Authoritarian Censorship.

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