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Strategic Relations & Routes!

No one knows whether the Abominable Snowmen are still in existence, but the Dragons have surely started roaming around in the sanctuary. Now, Bhutan can enjoy a strategic and commercial advantage, if it allows India to construct roads in this region.

India has urged the tiny Himalayan Nation to allow the former to construct roads in Bhutan, using the Yeti Corridor. According to sources close to New Delhi, if Bhutan accepts India’s proposal, then the distance and time of the journey from Guwahati (in North-Eastern Indian Province of Assam) to Tawang (in another North-Eastern Indian Province of Arunachal Pradesh) will be greatly reduced. India had made the same request to Bhutan in the past. However, Thimpu had rejected the request mainly as it had no plan to irk China…

India has made the request once again, as the regional geopolitical situation has changed a bit. All of a sudden, Beijing recently claimed the Eastern Sector of Bhutan, bordering Tawang. The Indian Defence Experts are of the opinion that China’s main target is to come closer to Arunachal Pradesh. As China has started posing a serious threat to Bhutan’s sovereignty, Thimpu may accept New Delhi’s proposal, this time. If India and Bhutan start a joint venture project in the Yeti Corridor, it would be strategically important for both the countries.

Now, it takes 15 hours to reach Tawang from Guwahati. The time will be reduced to nine hours, if India constructs a new road in Bhutan. With China planning to set up military bases near the Indian border in Arunachal Pradesh, India has decided to improve the roadways in the region in an attempt to move the troops faster. India further informed Bhutan that the Border Road Organisation (of India) would construct the proposed road, and the Himalayan Nation would not have to bear the expenditure.

Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary

The Narendra Modi Government in New Delhi has sent a letter to the concerned authorities in Bhutan, stating that the two countries are facing similar security concerns. Hence, the construction of the road is very important not only for India, but also for Bhutan. India has decided to construct the road near the Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary in Bhutan. According to ancient local beliefs, this area was the home of the Yetis. Now, the Brokpa Tribe lives in the region. They had arrived in Sakteng from Tibet in the 14th Century. Even, the Brokpas believe that the Yetis still live in this sanctuary. However, India is concerned only about the dragon in this particular region!

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