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A New Say, A New Day…

Finally, the Chinese Communist Party has brought forth the concept of New Age! Hong Kong was transferred from Britain to China on June 30, 1997. On the 23rd anniversary of that event, the Chinese Government enacted an Unprecedented, and quite Undemocratic National Security Law in the City-State. As per the Law passed unanimously by the Chinese Legislature, to collude with foreign powers, to plot militant activities and any attempt to secede from China will be considered as punishable offense. The new Law clearly states that even the slightest anti-Government movement would be considered as a serious threat to the National Security! Furthermore, attempts to disrupt the power supply, or the public transport system would also be considered as militant activities! The real purpose behind introducing the Law is very clear. For the past 12 months, the people in Hong Kong, who are pro-Democracy, have been staging protests against China’s aggressive policies. Sometimes, the protesters destroyed Government properties. Beijing claimed that the Government introduced the Law in order to protect the State-owned properties…

Experts are of the opinion that China has prepared a long-term plan for Hong Kong. Semi-Autonomous Hong Kong has its own Laws, based on the British framework. Beijing has introduced the new Law mainly to bridge the gap between the Communist Party’s Authoritarian Legal System and British norms. The existing Laws allow the accused people to enjoy some additional privileges in Hong Kong. Now, they would face punishments that are harsher in nature for committing the same crime, as a Standing Committee of the Chinese Parliament gets the right to interpret Criminal Law. As the judicial process will be covered by State Secrecy or Government Guidelines, the Media will have no information about the process. They will publish the final verdict, only. Interestingly, Beijing will have the Right to enforce the Law via local independent courts, if there is a threat to the National Security. It is not very difficult to understand when China will consider that its security is threatened by a foreign power…

This totalitarian Law will certainly change the character of Hong Kong. Not just the citizens of China, or Hong Kong, but any person would be arrested in Hong Kong for criticising the Chinese Government. So far, people have enjoyed the freedom to criticise China from Hong Kong. Many Chinese Nationals arrived in Hong Kong in recent past to taste freedom. Now, it is no more possible. Australia has already suspended its Extradition Treaty with Hong Kong, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison announcing that his country is ready to offer a path to citizenship for those Hong Kongers who wish to leave the city. In Canberra, Morrison recently said that China’s new National Security Legislation for Hong Kong constituted a “fundamental change in our circumstances with respect to our extradition agreement with Hong Kong.” The PM added: “We have formally notified Hong Kong and advised the Chinese authorities.” The US Government, too, has advised the American people not to visit Hong Kong. In fact, Beijing has injected a completely aggressive and undemocratic atmosphere in Hong Kong. This is the New Age!

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