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It has been demanded on both sides of the Atlantic that school students should be taught the history of Coloured Humans in a better manner. The brutal assassination of George Floyd recently triggered a great social stir in the US and Europe. The reaction has been strong in different spheres of the society. There are two main dimensions of the reaction: to protect the Basic Human Rights of the Blacks, and to demand a change in the viewing pattern of the Fairer persons towards them

The history of the Human Rights movements in the 1960’s had shown the American people that the success of Human Rights movements could not ensure equality or social justice! Although the Blacks enjoy legal rights in the US, they are yet to receive a proper Social Justice. One of the main reasons is that many of the White-folks still do not treat them in a positive manner!

The American school students study mainly the history of Whites, as the Blacks or Coloured people have been portrayed as marginalised (such as Slaves or backward classes) or exceptional (like Barack Obama) in the curriculum. This imperfect history also renders the common sense imperfect. This deadly combination of mental imperfections with White Supremacy in the corridor of power creates a gulf of doubt, disgust and hatred. As a result, the powerful White (un)knowingly oppress the Blacks. It is because the Whites consider the Blacks as other.

A section of Educationists holds the belief that it is important to upgrade the curriculum in order to correct this distorted notion. The proposed move will certainly help people understand the importance of collective life in their national history from childhood. It is to be noted that the Britons, too, have demanded such a change in their history curriculum. This is a common phenomenon in Greater Europe. However, the characteristics of Britain are different in this regard. The British Society and Politics are particularly sensitive to the equal status of different cultures. The rise of same demand in multicultural Britain helps us realise the depth of the issue related to Racism.

The problem is not related just to the history of the Black people. The way the history of the Muslim community or the so-called Islamic Era is taught in India, it only spreads the communal hatred in the society. In different countries, the rulers are exacerbating this problem, as they want to prove that History is always written by the winners. The entire world should know that actual history of the Blacks. It is not just a simply complex matter of complexion…

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