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Determination Determines!

After Theresa May resigned as the Prime Minister on July 24 (2019), people across the globe thought that Boris Johnson would not be able to lead Britain in crisis-situation because of his unstable, indiscreet and outrageous character. Even some of his Conservative colleagues did not expect PM Johnson to help Britain overcome the Brexit hurdles. At least 12 Conservative MPs had made it clear that the country should not leave the European Union (EU) without a deal! The PM did not hesitate to suppress their voice. The Supreme Court had strongly criticised him for not calling a Parliamentary Session in order to avoid a debate over the Brexit issue. The media, too, had slammed the PM for avoiding journalists during his election campaign. Even in adverse conditions, Johnson remained firm in his position: Britain is set to leave the EU by January 31, 2020, irrespective of the deal with the 28-member bloc!

Boris Johnson.jpg
Boris Johnson

Johnson’s determination has paid dividends! Since the Margaret Thatcher Era, it’s the first time when the Conservative Party has registered such a huge victory in British Parliamentary Elections. Indeed, this victory is historic. However, no one can deny the contribution of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to this Conservative victory. Ahead of the Election, Corbyn had made a great impact on the voters’ mind with his revolutionary economic policy. His views on the social security issue had convinced the voters. Perhaps, he made the only mistake by not taking a clear stand on the Brexit issue. The Leader of Opposition has slowly started losing his ground since Johnson became the Prime Minister on July 24. Corbyn tried to make a comeback during the campaign. However, allegations of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party became the central issue in the Parliamentary Elections.

Jeremy Corbyn.jpg
Jeremy Corbyn

Once again, the British Parliamentary Elections have proved that voters back strong personalities now-a-days… and it is a global phenomenon! Principles, ideologies, etc. have become less important in the modern world! Now, people back the leaders who act like an authoritarian and can deliver… people are ready to suffer after electing those leaders!
It is still not clear whether PM Johnson will manage to strike a deal with the EU before January 31. If Britain leaves the bloc without signing the deal, then it might have to face an economic crisis… and the voters are well aware of this fact. Still, they have elected Johnson as their PM. It shows that the authoritarian rulers have started coming to power with the help of the democratic system.


This development creates anxiety… deep anxiety!!!

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  1. I think we British people didn’t want to live in a Marxist country modelled on Venezuela, and with a prime minister holding terrorist organisations as some of his closest friends. That’s why the Labour Party are on the verge of extinction.


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