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Alberto Ángel Fernández, the President-elect of Argentina, is feeling the pressure ahead of his swearing-in ceremony (to be held on December 10) as people across the Latin American country want him to deliver! The 60-year-old Left-wing politician and a lawyer had promised that he would legalise abortion immediately after taking the charge!
Abortion is a punishable offence in Pope Francis’ homeland. One could be jailed for up to four years for committing the crime! Abortion is allowed only in case of rape or if the childbirth becomes life threatening. However, it is difficult to prove this in the Catholic country.

Alberto Ángel Fernández.jpg
Alberto Ángel Fernández

A section of people had made an attempt to remove abortion from the list of crimes in 2017. However, the hardliners had won the battle at the last moment and the entire nation was split into two groups. The issue has come to the limelight once again after the electoral victory of Fernández, who has always advocated for abortion.
Talking to the local media in Buenos Aires a couple of days ago, the Leftist Peronist said: “I am an activist for an end to the criminalisation of abortion. I will send a Bill to the Congress after taking charge.” However, Fernández did not reveal the exact content of the proposed Bill… whether abortion will no longer be considered a crime or abortion will be legalised


The President-elect recently attended a book-launching event in Buenos Aires. The book, titled ‘We are Belen‘, tells the story of a girl who had to face imprisonment for 29 months because of the Anti-abortion Law. The Police arrested her after she had undergone an abortion due to her poor physical condition! In a foreword for the book, Canadian author Margaret Atwood wrote: “How many other Belens are there in the world? How many women have died because they were afraid of going to a hospital because of an abortion, spontaneous or provoked, terrified of the possibility of being accused of murder?
The Chamber of Deputies had adopted a Bill to decriminalise abortion up to the 14th week of pregnancy in 2017. However, the Bill was defeated in the Senate, under strong pressure from the powerful Catholic Church. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church has hinted that it will not allow the President-elect to amend the existing Anti-abortion Law. In an open letter to the President-elect, Archbishop of La Plata Víctor Manuel Fernández wrote: “If I could talk to Alberto, I would ask him if it’s worth starting his mandate off with an issue that has been so divisive for the Argentinians.” For his part, Head of the Christian Alliance of Evangelical Churches in Argentina (ACIERA) Ruben Proietti said: “Fernández’s abortion plan is unfortunate.” Proietti, who successfully mobilised half a million people onto the streets to counter the feminist pro-abortion lobby last year, has made it clear that he will bring “even more than before” onto the streets, if the President-elect tries to implement his plan!


Once, Levi Jones had said: “Religion and Politics are two of the hardest things to talk about, yet they mean so much to us.” It seems that the Argentinians, along with the whole world, now realise the essense of the sentence!

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