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In Support Of A Lawful Demand…

Finally, the ongoing (political) movement in Hong Kong has spread to other parts of the globe! On the last Sunday of September, people took to the streets in 29 cities of 12 countries, demanding Independence of Hong Kong. In New York, London, Paris and Sydney, the protesters shouted anti-China slogans…
Significantly, the demand of the solidarity movement extended further, as the demand of the protesters was not just confined to justice or autonomy, but Freedom! They, now, want Hong Kong to emerge as an independent sovereign nation!


Initially, the demand was not such… however, the character of the movement has changed over the last few weeks, all because of the attitude of the Rulers, whose tyranny has crossed the threshold of patience, in recent times…
A couple of months ago, the people of Hong Kong requested their Government only to make some changes in the Law regarding extradition of prisoners to China. However, Hong Kong ruler Carrie Lam not only rejected the seemingly innocent demand, but also used force to supress the protests. Her moves changed the character of the movement, with people living in the Special Administrative Region (of the People’s Republic of China), demanding complete Freedom from Beijing!


Those, who are aware of the current political situation in Hong Kong, know that Lam is nothing, but a puppet ruler, as Beijing plays the real game… the Xi Jinping Administration in China takes the decisions, and executes them, as well! So, Beijing has made it impossible to bridge the gap between the local administration and the people of Hong Kong. As China has a one-party rule, to raise a voice against the Ruler is not allowed there. However, the tradition is broken in Hong Kong, and it has become difficult for the Asian Giant to accept the reality!
Meanwhile, the protesters in Hong Kong are agitating against China’s ‘Dictatorship’! People, who have come out to the streets in other countries, have also criticised the Xi Administration for supressing the movement in Hong Kong, with Lam’s help. A resident of Sydney said that he joined the protest rally as Hong Kong was distressed because of China’s constant pressure. Another person, who took part in ‘Hong Kong March’ in Taiwan, expressed a similar view…

Protest Hong Kong.jpg

The ongoing Pro-Democracy Movement in Hong Kong has received a Global support! This development helps one realise the fact that most of the people in the world of today are in favour of ‘free thinking’. Both in symbolic and real senses, the main aim of this solidarity movement is to free Hong Kong from China’s influence. The Global support for the Pro-democracy Movement in Hong Kong further shows the level of demand. It has been reported that the countries, where no protest rallies take place, are also with the people of Hong Kong!
The tragedy was when the Chinese people were marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on October 1, 2019, Hong Kong protesters took to the streets, demanding Freedom. The spirit of the protest has been found in the Chinazi flag (altered from the Chinese Five-starred Red Flag… the stars were added and rearranged to resemble the Nazi logo).


The Communist Party of China (CPC) should understand one thing: if a movement spreads across the world, then its appeal will also be Global! People do not celebrate founding of a Totalitarian Regime, but mark it as a Mourning Day

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