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Accidentally Incidental!

Well, the countries in question are situated many many miles apart… however, there are quite a lot of similarities among them: India and Georgia, a part of the former Soviet Republic…
In 600 BC, Georgia was divided into two kingdoms, called Iberia and Colchis. While South Ossetia was a part of Iberia, Abkhazeti was a territory inside Colchis. Georgia is a relatively small nation situated in the southern part of the Caucasus Mountains. However, this tiny nation has failed to ensure peace in and around it mainly because of its rivalry with South Ossetia, and also with Abkhazeti! Thousands of years ago, South Ossetia under Iberia was annexed to the Kingdom of Georgia. Since then, the region has seen various rulers… and became a part of Independent Georgia after the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. Then, the conflict started once again. The Bolshevik ideology inspired Ossetian landless peasants of Shida Kartli, a landlocked administrative region in Eastern Georgia, and prompted them to clash with the Georgian elite of the Menshevik Government!


After considering the situation, the Central Government in Tbilisi deployed troops in order to ensure peace. Finally, the Ossetians conceded defeat. The Red Army took control of Georgia in 1921 and set up an autonomous region or Oblast for the South Ossetians!
After the fall of erstwhile Soviet Union, Georgia declared Independence and South Ossetia, too, planned to leave Georgia. The Government of Georgia sent troops to South Ossetia, as Tbilisi was not ready to accept the latter’s Independence. The war began in 1991-92… In the meantime, South Ossetia prepared a Constitution, elected a President and installed a separate Economic System. In 2004, Georgia assured South Ossetia that the former would accept South Ossetia as an autonomous region under the control of Tbilisi. However, South Ossetia rejected the proposal and held a Referendum, making it clear that it would leave Georgia and emerge as an Independent nation. As a counter measure, Georgia passed a Law mainly to set up a temporary administration in South Ossetia! However, the separatists claimed that they were attacked with mortar and sniper rifles by the Georgian Forces! Unfortunately, an international effort to negotiate peace there collapsed.

Historical Regions.png

Meanwhile, Kosovo’s move to declare Independence from Serbia encouraged the people of South Ossetia to take on Georgia. When the Georgian Government declared that it would free Tskhinvali (the capital of South Ossetia) from the separatists, Russia sent forces to help South Ossetia (in 2008) recover its territory from Georgia.
It seems that it is a common story! No, no way… may be, just a coincident. Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans and many other rulers ruled Abkhazeti for centuries. After fighting against the Arabs, the princes of Abkhazeti demanded autonomy from the Byzantines. Later, they signed a pact with the Russians in order to get rid of the Ottomans. Unfortunately, Abkhazeti became a part of Russia. The Russians sent Muslims in Abkhazeti to the Ottoman Empire. When the people of Abkhazeti became minority in their own land, the Tsars imposed the Russian Language on them. The Georgians staged protests, but failed to force the Tsar to change the decision.

Soviet Union.jpg
Soviet Union

After that, the story during the Bolshevik Revolution is exactly like South Ossetia. Only Soviet Abkhazeti did not enjoy autonomy. The people of Abkhazeti had to suffer a lot during Stalin’s dictatorship. Later, the Abkhaz people found their places in top official positions. Soon after Georgia declared Independence after the fall of Soviet, the Abkhaz people decided to maintain their autonomy, as 98.6% people voted in favour of maintaining the Soviet-era administrative system.
The region witnessed bloody clashes in the 1990’s. Georgia lost control over Abkhazeti after the 1992-93 war! The Abkhaz people forced Georgians to leave Abkhazeti. A number of Peace-keeping Forces and Monitoring Teams visited the area, but failed to ensure peace. When the war began in 2008 once again, Russia helped Abkhazeti gain Independence. The Georgian Parliament considers both South Ossetia and Abkhazeti as Russia-occupied regions, and majority of the UN member-states also think so. In an attempt to deny the existence of South Ossetia, the region has been mentioned as a part of Shida Kartli.
Meanwhile, Abkhazeti got the status of Autonomous Region. In reality, Georgia doesn’t have any control over the two regions. Countries, like Russia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Nauru and Syria, consider them as separate states. Abkhazeti and South Ossetia also receive all sorts of help from Moscow.


This story has no apparent relation with Kashmir! If one finds any or some similarities, then it is nothing, but a mere coincident…

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