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Another Lung Affected

At the time when the Global Community is planning to save the Amazon Rainforest from forestfire, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has claimed that dangerous fire has engulfed forests in Africa. The independent agency of the US Federal Government responsible for the Civilian Space Programme recently published some images of forestfire in Africa, stating in a report that the fire has already destroyed over 100,000,000 square miles of forests near the Congo basin. After Amazon, the forest in Africa is popularly known as the second lung of the world. Now, the condition of this lung is also deteriorating, fast!
Ahead of the recently held G7 Summit in Biarritz (France), the Environmentalists urged the World Leaders to take all the necessary steps in order to save the Amazonian Rainforest. However, it seems that no one was worried about the African forests! French President Emmanuel Macron mentioned during the G7 Summit that a massive fire was destroying forests near the Sahara Desert, adding that Paris would take up the issue only after making a final decision in regards to the forestfire in Brazil…

Africa Fire.jpg
Forestfire in Africa

The vast forest in Africa covers Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Congo, Cameroon and Madagascar. Last week, the fire destroyed more forest areas in 48 hours in Congo and Angola, compared to Brazil. Tosi MPanu, a senior official of the Government of Congo, said that there was a difference between the reasons behind the fire in Africa, and in Latin America. He also said that faulted agricultural policies have triggered the forestfire in Central Africa.
To keep the forest clean, the farmers in Congo follow a different method while farming. As only 9% of people in Democratic Republic of Congo have electricity connection, they largely depend on woods for cooking, and other purposes. As a result, people in many parts of Gabon and Democratic Republic of Congo cut trees, thus, destroying the forests. Moreover, different mining and petroleum projects also damage the forests in Africa!

Africa map.jpg

Meanwhile, many experts are not ready to compare the situation in Africa with Amazon, right now. They have urged the World Leaders to take necessary measures in order to protect forests across the globe. After all, it is our duty to protect the Mother Nature… else, we would be forced to leave this world too early!!!

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