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On An Imminent Food Scarcity

A British Daily recently reported that Britain would face food scarcity, in case of a No-Deal Brexit!
Before becoming the Prime Minister on July 24, Boris Johnson had claimed that Britain would leave the European Union (EU) on October 31 at any cost. His countrymen believe that Britain will have to leave the EU without any deal, if the 28-member bloc refuses to hold talks with London before the separation. Some of the Political Experts and Economists have already expressed serious concern over a No-Deal Brexit. And now, the Johnson Administration admits that the No-Deal Brexit will certainly create troubles for Britain!

PM Johnson

Citing documents by the Government, the Daily reported that the British Economy, and the British people would be in deep crisis as a result of the No-Deal Brexit. Although the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has made no comments on this issue, the Daily further reported that 85% of trucks, which enter Britain with various food items, cross the English Channel after leaving France. The daily further reported that in case of a No-Deal Brexit, it would be difficult for the French officials to issue tax exemption certificates to those vehicles. As a result, the trucks will not be allowed to cross the English Channel and Britain will face food scarcity! The report clearly mentioned that it could take nearly three months to return to normalcy.
The EU has been negotiating the Brexit issue with Britain for the last three years. The EU leaders met former British Premier Theresa May several times during this period, and prepared a number of drafts of the deal. However, the British Parliament failed to pass a single draft. Finally, May resigned as the PM and also as the leader of Conservative Party in July. Now, the EU leadership has made it clear to London that it will not accept any changes in the draft!

English Channel.jpg

From the very beginning, hardliner Johnson has been saying that Britons are in favour of Brexit. So, his government will fulfil the people’s expectation by October 31. More than 100 British Parliamentarians signed a letter to the PM in the first week of August, requesting him to call a special session of the Parliament in order to discuss the issue. However, the PM is yet to call the session. PM Johnson recently confirmed that he would soon meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron to exchange views on Brexit. However, he has made no indication that how his government would deal with the food scarcity.
It has to be seen whether the people of Britain will be the ultimate sufferers!

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