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Only Half The Flock!

It may well have been in the Headlines of Ripley’s Believe it or not: a man has handed over his wife to her lover in exchange for 71 sheep!
This incident has taken place at Gorakhpur in the Northern Indian Province of Uttar Pradesh. Seema Pal, a young married woman, fell in love with a local man, Umesh. She secretly left her husband’s residence on July 22 with her boyfriend. After reportedly enjoying her honeymoon, Seema started living with Umesh at the latter’s house…
The incident triggered an uproar in the small village, as Seema’s in-laws urged the local Village Council to resolve the issue. The Council called a meeting, asking Seema’s in-laws and the family members of Umesh to be present on the occasion. Everyone was eager to know the verdict of the head of the Village Council. On the other hand, Seema and Umesh were terribly tensed as they were almost certain that the verdict would go against them. However, the Village Council Head’s verdict stunned everyone present at the meeting! There were many more surprises waiting for the villagers. Both Umesh, and Seema’s husband Rajesh Pal happily accepted the verdict!


Now, what was the decision of the Head of the Village Council?
The Head told Umesh that if he would like to accept Seema as his wife, he would have to give 71 sheep to Rajesh! Umesh, who had 142 sheep, accepted the verdict immediately and handed over 71 of them to Rajesh.
Umesh’s father Ramnaresh did not accept the verdict and filed a police complaint against Rajesh for stealing 71 sheep. He said: “I do not mind with whom my son will stay. I just want those sheep back.” Meanwhile, Rajesh told the police: “I did not steal those sheep. I handed over my wife to her lover in exchange for them!
As expected, the police refused to take any action against Rajesh…

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