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Violence: A Situational Analysis!

Men in mask were seen storming a transit station in Hong Kong’s Yuen Long area on July 21 evening and beat the commuters, all of a sudden! It is difficult to predict who were behind the masks. As majority of the commuters, who were attacked, arrived at the station after taking part in an anti-government protest rally, one can easily comprehend who acted the Mastermind in this case!
Immediately after the incident, attacked Parliamentarian Lam Cheuk-ting said that Hong Kong has become a sanctuary of ‘Triads’…

Hong Kong protesters.jpg
Hong Kong protesters

Triad is one of many branches of Chinese Transnational Organised Crime Syndicates based in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and in countries with significant Chinese populations. The Triad came into existence in the 17th Century. It is hence crystal clear that Lam has targeted China as he believes that the Asian Giant is trying to put the Anti-Government protesters in Hong Kong under pressure, by using brute force…
Surprisingly, no one came to rescue the commuters in Hong Kong, considered as one of the best Nations in the World as far as the citizens-police ratio is concerned, on July 21!

Hong Kong.jpg

Even after watching the video footages of one-sided animosity, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor slammed both the parties! A ruler might have been loyal to foreign powers or s/he has an existing conflict with her/his own people over their demands… but, is it possible for an Administrator to stay ‘neutral‘ even after some hooligans attacked non-violent civilian protesters? The strange silence of the ruler, popularly known as a friend of China, speaks a lot more than words…

Carrie Lam.jpg
Carrie Lam

However, the key issue is different! What if the protests take place in mainland China? Then, the concerned authorities in Beijing would not crush the protests through undercover attacks, but through the Armed Forces. The 1989 Tiananmen Square incident is a fine example of that! There are so many prisoners in China whose voice could never be heard. Else, it will become easier for the Global Community to understand the real character of the Asian Powerhouse…


A dominating or authoritarian State usually launches direct attacks on its people in order to crush protests. And, here lies the difference between Hong Kong and mainland China! Even in the absence of real Democracy, the (theoretical) difference between a Democratic System and an Authoritarian System is ‘inviolable’. It is not possible for the mighty State to crush Public Protests, completely. The concept of Democracy will never allow the State to do so. That is why the importance of mass awareness of their Right to Protest is immense! In a Democratic System, the Ruler has to make some excuses for bypassing or destroying this Right! The Ruler may tend to destroy this Right sometimes in the pretext of National Security, sometimes in pretext of Nationalism, and sometimes in the pretext of Countering Terrorism!

Hong Kong Map.jpg

Therefore, one should be careful about these arguments! If the Ruler manages to convince the people with National Sentiment, then the people will certainly lose their voice. Unquestionable Loyalty to the State gradually encourages people to accept the ‘unjust’; and, the rest of the world cannot even know what kind of oppression is going on in a country. Perhaps, one of the biggest struggles of the Civil Society is to protect its Right to Protest
Hong Kong is not the only country in contemporary world where the people are experiencing such a situation. There are so many countries which are going through such a turbulent phase…

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