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Bringing The Golden Days Back…

Since becoming the Prime Minister of Britain on July 24, 2019, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has failed to explain how his country would be able to overcome the Brexit hurdle. However, the 65-year-old Conservative Leader has promised to bring the Golden Days back, while addressing the House of Commons for the first time as the PM…
Such a promise was very much expected from the newly-appointed PM, as the whole world knows that the Brexit crisis is a harsh reality, and bringing back the Golden Era is more of an illusion! Perhaps, Johnson has rightly realised that it was relatively easier for him to become the Prime Minister… at present, he would have to face the toughest challenge – Brexit! The members of his Conservative Party had chosen him as their leader, as they had few other options. After the cursed Brexit Referendum (called by then Prime Minister David Cameron), Britain had invited one of the toughest challenges in its Political History. And now, the country would have to leave the European Union (EU), irrespective of its outcome…

Boris Johnson.jpg
Boris Johnson

As Johnson seemingly is well aware of the Crown of Thorns he is wearing, he has decided to win the trust of his countrymen with jugglery of words! Boris Johnson has been a staunch Brexit supporter from the very beginning. It is quite natural that he would try his best to guide Britain to leave the 28-member European bloc by October 31 (without any contract, if necessary)!
After taking charge as the PM, Johnson made some changes in the Cabinet as he wanted to show the door to some members of the Theresa May Cabinet. This move helped pro-Brexit Conservative MPs find their places in his Cabinet. However, his fast move makes it clear that Johnson is still in a dilemma over the Brexit issue!

British Parliament.jpg
The British Parliament

The EU does not agree to the terms on the basis of which the British Parliament wants to leave the bloc. Johnson’s predecessor, May, failed to deal with this fundamental conflict and resigned from her post (after accepting defeat)! It is difficult to play a Cautious and Grammatically correct Leadership Role, in order to steer a party (or a nation) through to Safety from a situation of utter Crisis, especially in uncertain atmosphere. And, it seems Johnson lacks basic qualities of Leadership. It is hence, the future of Britain hangs on a tiny chord (or fate)…
In Politics, there are many instances when the risk-takers tasted success. If Brexit takes place without any contract, then Britain, as well as entire Europe, might face various problems. Currently, a number of European nations, such as Spain, Portugal and Italy, face economic crisis. The German economy, too, is not in a good shape. It is a fact that Brussels has made it clear to London that there would be no compromise on the deal. It seems (obvious) that the warning is an indication of tough bargaining. There might also be a possibility that the EU leaders would soften their stand on the Brexit issue because of PM Johnson’s aggressive gesture. In case, the British premier manages to make some amendments in the deal in favour of his country, he will definitely portray those as his victory!

Europe Map.jpg

However, there is another possibility… the British Parliament may bring a No Confidence Motion against the Johnson Government, and the PM will have to face a new election, if he fails to survive the motion. Perhaps, it would be easier for PM Johnson to bring the Golden Days back than to ensure a contract-less hard Brexit after winning the confidence of the people of Britain, including Scotland (which eagerly wants to leave the United Kingdom)!

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