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A Learning Of Different Sorts…

There is no need to be vociferous about it yet again… India and her people have made it clear to the Global Community a number of times that Kashmir is an integral part of India! Still, India has said it once again… this time for Ayman al-Zawahiri, the present leader of al-Qaeda, and a current or former member and senior official of Islamist Organisations, which have orchestrated and carried out terror attacks in different parts of Asia, Africa, Middle East, North America and Europe!
al-Qaeda recently released a video, in which al-Zawahiri has asked the Mujahideen in Kashmir to inflict “unrelenting blows” on the Indian Army and the Government in the Northern Indian Province of Jammu and Kashmir…


In the 14-minute message, titled ‘Don’t Forget Kashmir’, released by the terror group’s media wing, he also brought to light neighbouring Pakistan’s involvement in fuelling Cross-Border Terrorism in the northern part of India! The al-Qaeda leader stated: “(I am) of the view that the Mujahideen (Islamist fighters) in Kashmir at this stage at least, should single-mindedly focus on inflicting unrelenting blows on the Indian Army and Government, so as to bleed the Indian Economy, and make India suffer sustained losses in manpower and equipment.” al-Zawahiri called both the Pakistani Army and the Government “toadies of America”, comparing Pakistan’s policy on Kashmir to that of the Taliban and migrant terrorists. He further asked the terrorists “to establish stronger channels of communication with their Muslim brethren all over the world”!
The al-Qaeda leader cannot be termed a wise person, as he fails to realise the fact that the majority of Muslims across the globe would never follow his instructions. The limitations of his knowledge have surprised the Indians, as well as the Global Community, once again! Of course, he would not have been a terrorist, if he had the proper knowledge. However, it is very much expected that a person, who wants to expand the network of his ideas (be it terror) worldwide, should have the correct information about the current affairs!


The leader of the terrorists, perhaps, has little idea that there are so many Muslim soldiers in the Indian Army, Air Force and Navy, totally loyal to India, and her sovereignty! Also, he has no idea that the young Kashmiri people are eager to join the Indian Armed Forces! Therefore, all the members of Muslim community would not obey his order… if he has thought so, then he is wrong to the extent of being a fool! His video message cannot erase the historical fact that many Muslims are the citizens of India, and they love their Nation!
Terror outfits, like al-Qaeda or Islamic State, have always tried (and are still trying) to expand their business of spreading terror! Whenever they face trouble in any part of the world, these outfits make an attempt to set up their bases in another part of the globe. And to ensure profit in their business, they use religion (or religious sentiment) as a mask. This is their most favourite tactic! They have tried to use this tactic in Kashmir many a times, but have failed! No wonder, al-Zawahiri’s latest attempt to destabilise India would not taste success, as the Indian Armed Forces are fully prepared to protect the South Asian nation’s Sovereignty and Integrity! India has witnessed bloodbaths, and the Indians are ready to sacrifice their lives in safeguarding the sovereignty and the integrity of their motherland.

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al-Zawahiri and his followers should know that the Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Persian and MUSLIM Indians will protect the National Integrity at any cost! Hence, no such masks will help al-Qaeda destabilise this country!

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