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Tale Told By An Ancient Skull…

Rivalry in human race was at galore even in the ancient period… as a result, Primitive Men had witnessed hooliganism and murders! Historians have recently traced possibly the first murder case of the world!
While trying to find phosphate during the Second World War, the mine-workers discovered an ancient skull inside a cave in Transylvania, Romania (in 1941). Although the workers found the damaged skull, the rest of the body could not be traced.

The Cave

Researchers expressed different opinions about the person’s death after examining the skull. While some said that the person had received serious injury after falling from a great height, others claimed that he was murdered! At that time, no one confirmed what had actually happened with that person. Researchers recently solved the mystery, with the help of Modern Technology!


Archaeologists have revealed that it is a male skull, and the person was a primitive European! In fact, there are two marks of injuries in the skull… a small injury in the front side, and a deeper injury in its rear side! According to the Archaeologists, the person had died after receiving the minor injury. They are yet to confirm whether the person received the deeper injury before his death. Meanwhile, the two injuries make it clear that the primitive man might have received more injuries in other parts of his body…


After analysing the skull, the Archaeologists have come to the conclusion that the person was murdered nearly 33,000 years ago! During that period, the Stone Age men were making a steady progress, as they used to manufacture various items. Researchers also created a synthetic skull in order to measure the extent of injuries received by the person… how he had received the injuries and how much damage caused by those. As a part of their experiment, the researchers hit the synthetic skull with different objects in different ways! Later, they came to the conclusion that the primitive European was attacked with a stone or wood or a similar object.


Men were entering the Middle Age from the Primitive Age when the incident took place. In other words, their lives were going through some important changes. Experts are of the opinion that the murder would help researchers identify the behavioural changes among the Ancient People. They believe that murder was a common issue during the last phase of Stone Age!

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