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Commemorating The Dutch Master…

Large-scale restoration works have started to effectively restore Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn’s (July 15, 1606 – October 4, 1669) world-famous painting, ‘The Night Watch’! The restoration works, which began on July 9, would continue for almost a month… the concerned Authorities at Amsterdam-based Rijksmuseum have kept the Dutch draughtsman, painter and print-maker’s massive creation of 1642 in a specially-made glass chamber. In a statement, the Museum Authorities have mentioned that the chamber has been made in order to monitor the entire restoration process. According to that statement, the art-lovers will also be able to see the restoration works online… that is why the project is called ‘Operation Night Watch’!
Speaking at a media conference, Rijksmuseum Director Taco Dibbits said: “The Night Watch belongs to everyone. We felt that the public has the right to see what happens to that painting.” The painting was restored 44 years ago for the last time, after the 17th-Century masterpiece was damaged by an attacker with a knife!

The biggest.jpg
The biggest-ever restoration of Rembrandt’s The Night Watch

The Night Watch is one of the best works of Rembrandt, considered as one of the Greatest Artists to emerge from the Dutch Golden Age of Painting… and, the weight of 3.63m by 4.37m (or 11.9f x 14.3f) painting is 337kg (or 742 pounds)… not only the size, but the dramatic lighting arrangements by the museum authorities also attract art-lovers! However, the Experts are worried about other things… as some features of the painting are changing over time. For example, the little dog on the right side of the masterpiece, has become distinctively pale! The Rijksmuseum Officials have informed the press that experts will try to understand the condition of the painting through the expensive Research and Renovation Project
In a statement, the Museum Authorities announced that the experts recently used Imaging Technique, High Power Photography and latest Computer Analysis in order to know how much care the painting needs! Experts will use other methods to discover more about the entire process of creation of this masterpiece! Not only the painted portion, but other layers of the painting, from varnish to canvas, will also be checked, carefully. “This is the first time that we can actually make a full body scan and that we can discover which pigments he used not only through making little samples but by scanning the entire surface. We don’t know much about how Rembrandt made this painting. And now, we hope to discover more,” stressed the Museum Director.


A person had damaged The Night Watch with a knife in 1975… he had managed to reach near Rembrandt’s historic creation after dodging the Museum guards! Later, he claimed that he had done this after receiving order from the God. This Masterpiece of Rembrandt had been a victim of knife attack way back in 1911… and in 1990, someone used some sort of chemicals to damage the painting!
However, the Museum Authorities claimed that there was no major damage to the painting by these two incidents, as the Experts successfully restored The Night Watch on both the occasions!

Researchers start scanning the surface of The Night Watch

The famous Dutch painter passed away in 1669. On the occasion of the artist’s 350th death anniversary, Rijksmuseum plans to organise ‘The Year of Rembrandt’ this year, and the Restoration Works have begun as a part of the event.

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