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The Blame Game…

This may well be considered as the deepest crisis in human history, and the Future Generation would certainly blame us for triggering this crisis… perhaps, we would not even have a proper answer when they accuse us of destroying the Environment!
A lady recently tried her best to sensitise her fellow citizens about the environmental damage in New York. However, the New York Police honoured her with a handcuff! The lady was not alone… so many protesters gathered in front of the office of a big Media House in order to stage protests. As the protesters broke the law, the Police arrested them. The Police did their job by arresting the protesters, as it was their duty to maintain the law and order situation. The question lies is what the Police will do, after the destruction of this world


The protesters had gathered in front of the Media House, as they wanted the media to play an active role in an attempt to save the world. They strongly criticised the press for not sensitising the people about the Environmental Pollution, and also for not putting the State, Business Organisations and other Power Centres under enough pressure to do something to protect the Environment! The protests in New York were symbolic… the symbol of a Huge Global Concern! The level of environmental pollution and the current global phenomena (as its consequences) have reached almost an irreversible level! The icebergs melt fast in the Arctic, while Europe and Asia experience heatwave this summer. The situation demands joint action… else, we will fail to protect our World! That is why the role played by the media has surprised the protesters! The media ignore the crisis, which is capable of virtually destroying Humankind.


Although the issue is very much sensitive, it would be wrong to criticise the Media alone. The Rulers of the States, the Drivers of Economy, the Politicians and Members of the Society… all are veritably Offenders! The Media have made a mistake by not covering the Environmental Issues, properly. At the same time, the consumers (too) are apathetic towards the issue. Surprisingly, all the sections of the society maintain silence on Environmental Pollution. Our collective indifference towards the health of our own planet brings us closer to the total annihilation!
One of the main reasons behind this indifference is the directionless Market-Oriented Economy. The Market considers everything, including rivers, mountains, forests and fertile lands, as materials for maximising profits! The Market is not ready to judge their other values. As the State, too, is largely controlled by very many markets, the ruling class is unable to safeguard the Environment!

Pollution 1.jpg

There is another ruthless truth behind this… there is a limitation of our thought process and considerations. Generally, people are short-sighted. They fail to realise what would happen tomorrow, if we destroy the Environment today… perhaps, they think that we cannot access the future, so, it is better not to think about tomorrow. The protesters in New York are warriors of the Extinction Rebellion Movement.


Extinction Rebellion – a socio-political movement that uses nonviolent resistance to protest against climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, and the risk of social and ecological collapse – was established in the UK in May 2018, with about 100 academics signing a call to action in support in October 2018. The movement was launched at the end of October by Roger Hallam, Gail Bradbrook, Simon Bramwell, and other activists from the campaign group, Rising Up! Children, adolescents and youths are pioneers of this movement in different countries. It becomes important for children and youths to protect the Environment by countering the indifferent attitude of elderly people. It seems that the Earth will be in their safe hands… if they manage to take the baton from us!

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