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Badinage… Do You Mind?

The image went viral a fortnight back… the bodies of a father and his daughter lying face down in the murky waters… the father-daughter duo from El Salvador was on their way to the US via Mexico. However, they drowned in the Rio Grande near the US-Mexico border on June 23. Well, death could not separate them! The image of Oscar Alberto Martínez and his 23-month-old daughter, Angie Valeria, triggered a fresh debate on US President Donald Trump’s ‘controversial’ Immigration Policy!

The bodies of Oscar Alberto Martínez & his daughter

The tragic image of Oscar and Angie encouraged Canadian artist Michael de Adder to create a cartoon, depicting President Trump playing golf next to the bodies of the father and daughter. The cartoonist’s illustration further depicted the US President asking the two dead migrants: “Do you mind if I play through?” The cartoon (released on June 26), too, went viral on the Social Networking Sites!
After the freelance cartoonist posted his illustration on Twitter, no major broadsheets in New Brunswick contacted him. However, millions of people shared his cartoon on Facebook and Twitter. Later, disheartened de Adder tweeted that he “was let go from all newspapers”! “It was terrible. I gave them 17 years,” he added. It was not the first time when de Adder drew such an illustration on President Trump. He did so in the past many a times. So, the cartoonist has no idea why he is being cornered by the major Canadian dailies.

Trump Cartoon.png
The ‘Trump’ Cartoon

Although a New Brunswick-based publishing house has denied de Adder’s claim that major dailies cancelled freelance contracts with him because of his latest cartoon, the artist has described himself as feeling overwhelmed by the situation. “The way I was let go was swift and fell on the heels of the last refugee cartoon. I had every reason to suspect it was over that cartoon. … I was given no reason. I inquired and inquired,” he stressed. de Adder further expressed hope that he would bounce back from losing his assignments soon, insisting that he just had to “recoup a percentage of my weekly income“.

Michael de Adder.jpg
Michael de Adder

Meanwhile, President of the Association of Canadian Cartoonists (a professional group for artists) Wes Tyrell said that the Brunswick newspapers avoided President Trump as a subject of its cartoons, but de Adder “was doing them with regularity for the last couple of years, like any cartoonist”.

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