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Everyone loves to live… and we all know of Charles Darwin’s claim that there was a continual ‘struggle for existence‘ in Nature, in which only the fittest would survive! For the English Naturalist, Geologist and Biologist, the inevitability of a struggle for survival was the key to evolution by the process of ‘Natural Selection‘. Those, who failed to struggle, left the world. The scientists have traced such a lost civilisation! This civilisation developed in the Middle East or West Asia, the present-day Turkey, about 9,000 years ago. According to the Archaeologists, the first Neolithic City – named ‘Çatalhöyük’ – had existed from approximately BC 7100 to BC 5950…
The city, originally developed in the Neolithic Period, was built on around 26 acres of land near the southern Turkish town of Anatolia. The historians have claimed that the end of one of the world’s oldest civilisations was very ruthless, brutal and cruel! What had actually happened there?

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After conducting researches for nearly 25 years, the Archaeologists have come to know that the Neolithic people destroyed the entire civilisation by fighting among themselves. A question naturally arises: why would they play this cruel game of self-annihilation?
The Archaeologists have further revealed that nearly 10,000 people used to live on 26 acres of land. As it had become increasingly difficult for them to live in such a small piece of land, they started killing each other for their survival!


Human Beings used to depend on hunting during the Stone Age. However, the Neolithic people started showing interests in farming… and, the shift from hunting to farming had triggered a new problem! As a result of the allocation of lands for agriculture, they started facing housing problem. According to researchers, the drainage system, too, was completely destroyed due to the increasing population density. The situation was so bad that they had to use ladders to reach one roof (of a house) to another! There was no place to construct roads…


The Archaeologists have informed the media that they discovered 742 skeletons from the area and most of them were women. Interestingly, almost everyone has injuries on their heads, as they had been hit by a heavy stone or a sharp weapon from behind. Archaeologists are of the opinion that (perhaps) many Neolithic people died of diseases, as they had to live in unhealthy conditions. They have come to this conclusion after verifying the deep injuries in the mouth region of many skeletons. It seems that diseases had spread rapidly, as the Neolithic people used to stay close to one another!


However, majority of the Archaeologists believe that their desire to survive had triggered the disaster. The marks of injuries in those skulls are the biggest proof of that…

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