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Category: Turkey

Taking Its Toll: Physical & Psychological

Members of a search operation team recently rescued a woman, who was trapped under debris for 203 hours, in the southernmost Province of Hatay of earthquake-ravaged Turkey. It may be […]


A devastating earthquake, with its magnitude measuring 7.8 in the Richter Scale, followed by three strong tremors, rocked wide swaths of Turkey and Syria at 4:17am (local time) on February […]

On The Right Choice

People belonging to both the Developed and the Developing world have started supporting the Far-Right-Wing Politics, across the globe. The Republican Party of the US (from the Donald Trump era) […]

Neolithic Activities, In Art Form

What was the world like thousands of years ago? How did people live their lives at that period of time? There is a lot of curiosity among modern people about […]

Erdoğan Gets Treasure

In what may be seen as a huge boost for Turkey, Ankara has discovered an enormous oil field, with net reserves of 150 million barrels worth nearly USD 12 billion. […]

Arming Armenia With Missiles

As the Muslim-majority Azerbaijan is receiving military aid from Turkey and Pakistan, the former Soviet Republic is in an advantageous position in the initial stages of its ongoing border conflict […]

From Russia, Through Azerbaijan

Iran is all set to import gas from Russia through neighbouring Azerbaijan. Tehran and the Kremlin signed an important agreement a couple of months ago under which the West Asian […]

Ahead Of The Harsh Winter

During his visit to Ukraine in the third week of August (2022), UN Secretary-General António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres warned the global community, saying that any damage to the Nuclear […]