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The Belligerent Warmonger

The US recently triggered a situation of fresh tension by sending naval fleets to the Persian Gulf, with the Pentagon saying: “The Department of Defence continues to closely monitor the activities of the Iranian regime, their military and proxies. Due to operational security, we will not discuss timelines or location of forces. The US does not seek conflict with Iran, but we are postured and ready to defend US forces and interests in the region…
Surprisingly, the common people in Iran are not at all interested in this war-like situation! President Donald Trump had imposed a number of sanctions on the West Asian nation after withdrawing the US from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), calling it a “horrible, one-sided” deal. JCPOA, known commonly as the Iran Nuclear Deal, is an agreement on the Iranian nuclear programme reached in Vienna on July 14, 2015 between Iran, the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the UNSC – China, France, Russia, the UK and the US – plus Germany), and the European Union (EU)! The US’ move not only hit Iran’s Oil Export, but also triggered the fall (of the value) of Iranian Rial… now, around 80 million Iranians have no money to purchase meat, medicines and other necessary products! The Iranians, as well as their Government, are worried about their Economy… and not about the US or war!

A group.jpg
A group of students spend time together after classes in downtown Tehran

Most of the Iranians believe that there will be no war in the Persian Gulf region in near future, although they remain willing to defend their country. They think that it is important for Iran to resolve the crisis through peaceful negotiations, and to encourage Washington to help its anaemic Economy… however, the Iranians consider President Trump as an erratic and untrustworthy adversary. Talking to the local media earlier this week, the 20-year-old civil servant and university student Afra Hamedzadeh said: “Trump is not predictable at all and one does not know how to react to him and what is the right thing to do against him.” She added: “Since he controls the Global Economy, we are somehow left with few options.” From cafeteria to share taxis, the people share similar views with visitors. Iranians in Tehran, and other major cities believe that war is not a solution!

Afra Hamedzadeh.jpg
Afra Hamedzadeh

The Iranian people know that a war with the US will certainly trigger the fall of their Economy. Taxi driver Jafar Hadavand (34) stressed: “I think the government should do something to avoid war. If war was good, then Afghanistan and Iraq would not be the mess that we see on TV.” He added: “I think both sides will be losers, if they fight each other. I think there are wise people on both sides to advocate peace, not war.” For her part, the 51-year-old housewife Zoherh Sadeghi said: “If America could do anything, it would have done many things by now.” The 35-year-old museum staff Massumeh Izadpanah, too, insisted: “When someone keeps trying to scare you it means that they think they are not yet ready for war. When someone really wants war, it starts the war right away. Like when Iraq attacked us, all of a sudden bombs were dropped.” She further said: “But right now America just says, ‘I’m coming’, to scare Iran.

Zoherh Sadeghi.jpg
Zoherh Sadeghi

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif expressed similar views during his recent trip to China. After holding talks with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Beijing last week, Zarif told the press: “There will be no war because neither we want a war, nor has anyone the idea or illusion that it can confront Iran in the region.” He said that President Trump “does not want war, but the people around him are pushing him towards war under the pretext of making America stronger against Iran…” Diplomats are of the opinion that the visiting Iranian minister actually targeted the US president’s National Security Adviser John Bolton without mentioning his name.

President Rouhani

A couple of weeks ago, President Trump tweeted that Iran would soon hold talks with the US. In reply, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that it would not be possible for Washington to force Tehran to initiate a meeting! “We are men of negotiations and logic, but the party that tries to drag us to the negotiating table has only empty claims. We are not going to accept such talks even if all the powers of the world stand back to back to support them. We will never surrender to the enemy’s bullying,” he told the media. The Iranian president was heard stating firmly: “We would not agree to hold such (forced) negotiations even if all world powers stand together.
Let us hope Peace will prevail in the Persian Gulf…

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