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Being One & One Only…

If there is no one responding to your call
You carry on alone…
Rabindranath Tagore (May 7, 1861 – August 7, 1941)

Many would believe that it is almost impossible to live in this world, without a partner! We need someone to share our feelings at the end of the day. Else, we might as well suffer from a bad kind of Monophobia… However, various data and researches portray a completely different picture of Human Psychology! According to Psychologists, there is an increase in the number of people, living alone, in the world of today. They are of the opinion that the majority of the people cannot live alone, and for that, they need a special education! Those, who learn how to live alone, enjoy a relatively better life compared to others, stressed the Psychologists.
The US Government recently conducted a survey, according to which the number of people has jumped to 28% in recent times, as to who would want to live alone in the last 40 years (of their lives)… Another survey, conducted in Britain in 2011, revealed that 51% of the adult Britons were Single! The scenario is somewhat similar in India, too! Experts opine that people, who are Single, enjoy a healthy and longer life…


There are many reasons to appreciate in being Single… As per a survey carried out by the American Bureau of Labour Statistics, people – who are Single – tend to be more efficient in maintaining Healthy Social Relationships and their Relationships with friends are also above par! The psychologists back the claim, stating that the Singles usually dwell in a very good mental condition because of their close contacts with friends… Furthermore, they do not have to face certain critical family-related situations! As they have the opportunity to lead their lives as per their own choice, they remain relatively free from stress…

Alone 1.jpg

A survey carried out by the Journal of Family Issues has revealed some interesting facts. As per the survey, the Body Weight of a Single person is likely to be less, compared to those who have Partners! Meanwhile, Western Washington University has claimed that many people tend to lose weight after their break-up! These two surveys show that those, who have no partner, sleep well, as they do not have to take extra pressure, or responsibility… In fact, those – who stay Single – also get an opportunity to spend time with themselves! They can make the best of their creativity in the absence of personal hazards. For the Singles, it becomes easier to do their jobs in a perfect manner… Researchers have stressed that Singles can enjoy the comfort and joy of traveling to different places, alone!


Interestingly, the American School of Medicine has claimed that Singles, generally, are a bit more cautious than others, as there is hardly someone to help them during crisis-situations. They usually take very good care of themselves, and have prior plans how to deal with maladies…
Better alone than in Evil Company‘ or ‘Something is better than Nothing‘ – the choice, obviously, remains ours…

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