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Holocaust In Hollow Instagram!

On her 13th birthday, the little girl wrote in a diary that she wanted to become a journalist… and would marry an Englishman! The girl documented her dreams in February 1944, a month before the Nazi forces invaded Hungary. After that, the Jewish girl never penned down her thoughts in the diary. Instead, she wrote in her entry for March 19, 1944: “Dear diary, you are the luckiest one in the world, because you cannot feel, you cannot know what a terrible thing has happened to us. The Germans have come!
The diary of Eva Heyman (February 13, 1931 – October 17, 1944) – a Hungarian young Jewess living through the Holocaust – was published many years ago, but it had not been noticed that way, for long. Therefore, Eva’s diary did not attain the fame like Anne Frank’s, only, there is a statue of teenager Eva in north-western Romanian city of Oradea… Recently, Israeli businessman Mati Kochavi and his daughter Maya made a documentary series of 70 videos based on Eva’s diary, and their work is being telecast through a series of Fictional Instagram Stories in an attempt to educate the Younger Generations on the ‘Horrors of the Holocaust‘!

Eva Heyman’s statue in Oradea

The Nazis had already invaded Hungary and Romania… On March 31, 1944, Eva wrote: “Today an order was issued that from now on Jews have to wear a yellow star-shaped patch. The order tells exactly how big the star patch must be, and that it must be sewn on every outer garment, jacket or coat. When Grandma heard this, she started acting up again, and we called the doctor. He gave her an injection. She is asleep now…
Eva was born in Nagyvàrad (Hungary) and lived with her grandparents, after her parents divorced. She had begun scribbling in her diary on her 13th birthday in February 1944, and died in Auschwitz eight months later, in October. However, her mother survived the Holocaust, and discovered her daughter’s diaries after liberation. She had them published before committing suicide.

Child of the Holocaust.jpg
Eva Heyman: Child of the Holocaust

Eva got just 108 days to write the diary. She mentioned that the situation was deteriorating fast! On May 10, Eva wrote: “I have no idea how it will be later, I always think this is the worst, then I realise on my own that everything can become even worse, actually much worse. Until now, there was food to eat, now we won’t have any…” and on May 30, there was the final entry from her end: “Dear Diary, I don’t want to die, I still want to live, even if it means that only I remain behind from this entire district.” Three days later, the Nazis deported Eva from Hungary to Auschwitz, where she died in a gas chamber on October 17, 1944!
The first episode of the series, titled ‘Eva’s Story’, was released on Instagram on May 1, the start of ‘Yom HaShoah’ – Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day! The shooting is going on in the Ukrainian city of Lviv, as British actress Mia Quiney is playing the teenager Eva…

Mass deportations.jpg
Mass deportations, massacres and death marches of 1944 in Hungary

Commenting on the project, the 27-year-old Maya said: “If we want to bring the memory of the Holocaust to the Younger Generation, we have to bring it to where they ‘are’… and they are on Instagram.
Surprisingly, the Israeli society has strongly criticised the father-daughter duo for releasing the series on Social Media. However, Maya defended their move, saying that Instagram was a place where “lots of very intense and very powerful movements are happening”. She argued that Instagram was also a “platform for serious content, if done with care and respect”.
Maya believes that the number of people, who can share the experience of the Holocaust, is decreasing fast. People do not want to remember those events, but also cannot forget, and allow others to forget, too! Eva is the new face of that history…

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