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Political Diplomacy Or Diplomatic Politics…

Finally, India seems to have tasted success, after making serious efforts for more than two decades! The UN recently listed Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist under the 1267 Al Qaeda Sanctions Committee of the Security Council! The UNSC had formed a committee way back in 1999 to identify ‘global terrorists’ and urged the UN to declare the Pakistani national as a global terrorist. However, China – popularly known as Pakistan’s all-weather friend – repeatedly placed a hold on the move! On May 1, the Asian giant changed its stance on the issue, and allowed the World Body to declare the JeM chief a global terrorist! It would mean a travel ban, arms embargo and asset freeze on Azhar…
As all the member-countries are committed to follow the instructions of the UN, Pakistan, seemingly, is left with no other option but to take steps against the terrorist! It would also become increasingly difficult for Islamabad to encourage JeM and other terror outfits to carry out attacks in neighbouring India after taking actions against Azhar! Perhaps, it is not correct to describe this development as a diplomatic victory for India, as claimed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi… it is to be noted that the US and France (even Pakistan), too, have claimed the credit!

Masood Azhar.jpg
Masood Azhar

A final decision in this regard had been made by the UN during a meeting of the Security Council members, hence, not one single country should claim the credit, which (perhaps) should go to China, as a ‘yes’ from Beijing got the job done for the global community (to be read India)!
China’s move will have no impact on its relations with Pakistan, and this reality helps us realise the strong position of Beijing, as far as the Regional Geopolitics is concerned! Immediately after the UN declared Azhar a global terrorist, Beijing praised Islamabad for playing an important role in the war against terror! China also promised to help Pakistan tackle terrorism!!!
Indeed, China’s role is important (for Pakistan) to tackle the global menace, as Islamabad is yet to take necessary actions against Hafiz Muhammad Saeed – an Islamist militant, the co-founder of Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), and the chief of Jama’at-ud-Da’wah (JuD) operating mainly from Pakistan – who was listed by the UNSC on December 10, 2008 pursuant to paragraphs 1 and 2 of Resolution 1822 (2008) as being associated with LeT (QDe.118) and al-Qaeda (QDe.004)’ for “participating in the financing, planning, facilitating, preparing or perpetrating of acts of activities by, in conjunction with, under the name of, on behalf or in support of” both the entities!

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed.jpg
Hafiz Muhammad Saeed

With India holding its 17th Parliamentary Elections in seven phases, Prime Minister Modi recently appealed to the Indians to cast votes in favour of his party because of the government’s diplomatic victory over Pakistan. Addressing an election rally in Western Indian province of Rajasthan, the PM said that his leadership would be necessary as he was the only person who could help India’s voice reach the global community! Prime Minister Modi also highlighted the failure of his predecessor Dr Manmohan Singh in tackling terrorism. The main Opposition party, Indian National Congress, counter-attacked the premier, claiming that the previous government in New Delhi got the name of Hafiz Saeed listed by the UN within 15 days of the Mumbai Terror Attack (on November 26-29, 2008). The electoral tussle between the ruling party and the opposition party over the issue of terror is not only undermining the diplomacy, but is also giving unnecessary importance to politics!

PM Modi (L) with Dr Singh

It is important for the entire world to wage a war against terrorism, jointly… else, bloodbath will continue in different parts of the globe, and claim lives of innocent people!

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