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Ruckus Over Carcass In LA

It has often been termed as the ongoing political crisis in Venezuela. And now, it is no more a domestic issue, as Russia and the US (and other global powers like Spain, Germany, France and the UK) have got involved in a Cold War over the Venezuelan crisis! Kremlin, as well as the White House, are trying hard to gain control over the Latin American nation, a major producer and exporter of minerals and crude oil.
Washington recently announced that it would snap diplomatic ties with Caracas, stating that the White House wasn’t ready to accept Nicolás Maduro as the president of Venezuela! Also, there was a seeming situation, where there was the US that backed Venezuelan Opposition leader Juan Guaido’s move to declare himself the country’s interim president in an attempt to corner Maduro. However, Maduro launched a counter-attack with the help of Army. The top Army officers recently held a media conference to inform the public that the Armed Forces would support Maduro’s comeback. Kremlin welcomed the Army’s decision, with a senior Russian official saying that President Vladimir Putin would never allow the US and its allies to interfere in Venezuela’s internal affairs. At a UN Security Council meeting on January 26, Russia accused Washington of plotting a coup. China, Mexico and Turkey, too, have publicly backed Maduro!

It is to be noted that the Army had helped Maduro become the 46th President of Venezuela in 2013. He won the 2018 Presidential Election by a huge margin and remained the head of the state. However, the Oppositions accused Maduro of rigging polls and staged nationwide protests, saying that the strongman not only encouraged corrupt businessmen to loot public money, but also ruined the national economy. In such a state of affairs, the US, Brazil, Peru, Chile and some other countries recognised Guaido as the interim president.
Meanwhile, the UN has expressed serious concern over the ongoing political crisis in Venezuela, stating in a statement that the world body condemned the detention of around 350 protesters in the last six days. It’s unfortunate that the crisis has claimed 26 lives so far, added the UN.

Nicolás Maduro

Political experts believe that the Armed Forces could play the key role in resolving this crisis, as both Maduro and Guaido need the Army’s support to stamp their authorities on the national politics.
It’s advantage Guaido (as of now), especially after Venezuela’s top military representative to the US Colonel José Luis Silva defected from Maduro’s government on January 26, insisting that he would recognise Opposition leader Guaidó as president instead. Colonel Silva further requested his “brothers in the Armed Forces of the nation to recognise President Juan Guaidó as the only legitimate president”. “The Armed Forces have a fundamental role in the restoration of the democracy in our country. Please, brothers, do not attack our people,” he said. It is still not clear whether more Army officials will be encouraged to defect.

Juan Guaidó

It seems that Venezuela (… and entire Latin America) will go through a turbulent period in near future and the period will determine the political future of the region!

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