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The spontaneous movement and performance of a human body depend on how it accepts a completely unknown (body) part. However, there is a contradiction in this process (of acceptance)! Immigrants, usually, face a somewhat similar situation! Most of the time, they are forced to migrate to other countries in quest of happiness and satisfaction. Although an immigrant considers a foreign country as his/her own, the country mostly accepts the person as a second-class citizen!
Despite being a second-class citizen, the immigrant tries his/her best to accept the prevailing (mainstream) culture there. At the same time, the person practices his/her own culture with the hope that the foreign country, which provides him/her with shelter, might accept some of the basic tenet (at the least) of his/her culture one day. This hope (often against hope) helps an immigrant to live on the foreign soil. To live the entire life in a foreign country with a non-resident status is very difficult for any person.

Wars and riots often tend to leave their indelible marks in the border areas of (almost all) the problem-ridden countries. The border areas also witness resentment against refugees. People from comparatively underdeveloped countries race towards a developed nation in search of peace and prosperity. However, it becomes extremely difficult for these rootless migrants to adjust to the new environment and to achieve sustainability in different conditions.
Apart from immigrants with proper legal documents, a huge number of illegal immigrants have taken shelter in the US. In fact, they – in turn – end up creating a new society! The illegal Mexican refugees live in trailers (or migrant caravans) in the US. Although the majority of their children are US nationals by birth, they are NOT! The law enforcement officials usually avoid these people, despite having knowledge about them, as the US doesn’t have sufficient number of jails to accommodate the illegal migrants! And they live in the US without basic facilities, such as health insurance, permanent residence certificate, driving license etc.

Also, there are some other problems… Initially, immigrants don’t have much attachment to their adopted nation. Although immigrants show determination to maintain their ethnic purity, they gradually become a hybrid species. It’s quite obvious that the people of two different origins will mix with each other, if they live together for long. And the advertisements of MNCs at shopping malls in any major global cities highlight this phenomenon. The presence of foreigners at a popular shopping complex in Alpharetta (Georgia, US) makes the white Americans minority.
The issue of immigrants can also be discussed from a different perspective. Although the cultural mix of the two countries enrich both cultures, immigrants often try to influence the culture of their adopted nation with their own. Sometimes, immigrants purchase a dress only to attend a party and then, return it to the shop. This practice has prompted a garment company to remove Lifetime Warranty from its list of products.

No one could stop the arrival of immigrants in a country… and the conflict between different cultures would also be there! Perhaps, historical needs have created this humanitarian problem. It is to be noted that the US will have to depend on neighbouring Mexico for a steady supply of labourers. The lack of skilled workers with technical knowledge is the main problem of the US. If the US manages to stop the arrival of immigrants, then its economy will certainly face a crisis.

President Trump

What will be the solution to this problem?
Each and every country has the right to practice its own culture. However, we should not forget that the completeness of a nation depends on diversity and generosity! So, the mixing of different cultures should be there. A just and intelligent law can only stop the flow of illegal immigrants in a country. The fact is that the US had accommodated a huge number of immigrants during Barack Obama’s presidency. So, the Democrats believe that (President Donald) Trump’s ‘border wall obsession’ is basically a Republican gimmick to win the election. The Democrats also believe that President Trump’s ‘immigration policy’ will never resolve the actual problem. Instead, leaders in different countries will use this particular issue to win elections and to gain political mileage.

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