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The Internet, And…

Believe it or not! The less number of Indians visit pornographic sites during Diwali – the festival of light – or other religious festivals. Yes, author Ravi Agrawal has revealed the fact in his new publication, ‘India Connected’. The author has also tried to find out whether the Indians enjoy pornography on Saturdays and Sundays in this book! According to Agrawal, India occupies the third position in the world as far as the number of viewer population of adult videos is concerned. His publication reveals such unknown facts about the Indian society on issues related to pornography.
In Agrawal’s words, the main aim of the book is to analyse how the smartphone is transforming the world’s largest democracy! He also discusses how cheap smartphones and cheap data have changed mentality of the Indians in the digital world. The author reaches the conclusion on the basis of a report published on the pornhubdotcom. Just like YouTube videos, pornhub has been dominating the digital world for the last few years. However, the site is limited only to pornographic contents and for strictly adults.

In a report published in 2016, the pornhub mentioned that the number of Indian visitors to the site decreased by about 17% during Diwali. A similar trend has been observed during other festivals. According to the report, the number of Indian viewers to pornhub declined by almost 15% during the Muslim holy month of Ramzan (Ramadan). Pornhub further claimed that a huge number of Indians visit the site on Saturdays, although the number declines on Sundays.
In India Connected, Agrawal states that the Indians continue to rise as far as the number of overall viewers of adult videos is concerned. As per a global survey carried out in 2017, India is in the third position (after the US and Britain) in the list of countries where the people enjoy porn movies on a regular basis. The author also analyses the current scenario in India with the help of a study conducted by Google. Google provided free Wi-Fi Internet service at Patna railway station in 2016. Later, the company found that the maximum number of people enjoyed adult videos through this service. The average age of those, who visit the pornhubdotcom on daily basis, is 35. However, the average age of the Indian visitors is 30. In other words, relatively young people visit the site in India and 86% of them use smartphones.

The Indian women, too, visit porn sites more frequently. The pornhub report shows that 30% of the Indian visitors are women and India is ranked No 4 in the world as far as the number of female viewers is concerned. Only the Philippines (36%), Brazil (35%) and South Africa (32%) are ahead of India.
Agrawal provides amazing information to his readers, as he mentions in his book that the Indians didn’t know Karenjit Kaur Vohra until 2011. However, this person became the ‘most-searched person’ in Google in India in 2012. Significantly, no player, politician or film actor managed to beat Karenjit in Google search. Karenjit, alias Sunny Leone, managed to hold the No 1 position for six consecutive years (from 2012 to 2017). The Indo-Canadian porn star-turned-film actress made her first appearance in the Indian entertainment world through a television show in 2011. Since then, she has ruled the Internet world.

Karenjit Kaur Vohra

In India Connected, Agrawal concentrates mainly on the increasing use of Internet in India and its effects on the Indian mentality. Around 20 million people in the South Asian nation had Internet connections in 2000. And the number of Internet users touched 460 million in 2017. It means that three Indians join the Internet service per second.
Indians are popularly known as conservative, religious population who believe in family values. However, the pornhub report, Google analysis and Agrawal’s book tell a different story. Perhaps, the Internet communication has changed their mentality or it has brought out the eternal mindset of the Indians!

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