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UK Fomenting India-China Border Clash

The UK Spectator published an article, titled ‘Why Is India Covering Up Clashes with China in the Himalayas?”, in its op-ed page on December 20, 2022. The nasty hit-piece baldly goads the Narendra Modi Government in New Delhi to adopt a fully-hostile policy towards China. The author of the article is the same British agent, Gray Sargeant, who penned the UK’s Council on Geostrategy November 9 (2022) paper, urging the British Government to go back to its centuries-old geopolitical imperial Great Game of controlling the Asian landmass by inciting conflicts in the Himalayas.

In his Spectator piece, Sargeant demands India, with the support of the greater Free World, mobilise to stop China from allegedly “trying to redraw the map across the Himalayas” by building up Chinese presence and infrastructure in areas disputed by the two Asian neighbours. He rants that “China’s encroachments across the region, especially the small and seemingly innocuous ones”, are as big a threat, as Beijing’s island-building in the South China Sea have been. His article also makes clear that British networks are trying to stir up trouble in the Indian military over the Modi Government’s silence on the clashes, which according to an unnamed “senior Indian Army Officer”, are occurring two-three times a month in disputed border areas along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Northeastern Indian Province of Arunachal Pradesh. Sargeant’s unnamed military source told him the Indian Army “is instructed on high to keep quiet” about military clashes.

Watch: India, China border tensions escalate

A similarly provocative piece published in Breitbart News on December 21 reported that the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, a notoriously anti-China Anglo-American thinktank, jumped into the fray, as it issued a report, replete with before-and-after satellite images, claiming that China recently built complex transportation systems throughout its side of the LAC.

The immediate focus for these attempts to whip up anti-China ferment is the December 9 Chinese-Indian military clash at the Line of Actual Control in Arunachal Pradesh. Breitbart’s piece complains that Prime Minister Modi has neither spoken of the incident nor summoned the Chinese ambassador to lodge a protest. Both the Indian and the Chinese Governments appear to be working instead to keep that clash from growing into a larger incident, with the border problem being the principal obstacle to re-establishing the friendly relations which had been developing between these two Asian giants before 2020.

A joint statement, issued after military talks at the Corps Commander level between India and China on December 20, agreed that the talks, focused on border issues, were “frank and in-depth, keeping in line with the guidance provided by the state leaders to work for the resolution of the remaining issues at the earliest that would help in restoring peace and tranquility along the LAC in the western sector and enable progress in bilateral relations”.

Major Indian media houses, such as Press Trust of India (PTI) and The Hindu, and Opposition parties in Parliament are playing into this British game. Opposition parties, reportedly led by the Indian National Congress (INC) Party, staged a show in the Lok Sabha (Lower House of the Indian Parliament) on December 21, demanding a formal discussion on the border conflict be scheduled, with Prime Minister Modi personally present to answer questions.

Boundless Ocean of Politics has received this article from Christopher Lewis of Schiller Institute, Frankfurt, Germany. The Schiller Institute is a Germany-based political and economic think tank founded by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, with stated members in 50 countries.

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