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From Russia, Through Azerbaijan

Iran is all set to import gas from Russia through neighbouring Azerbaijan. Tehran and the Kremlin signed an important agreement a couple of months ago under which the West Asian nation would import Russian gas through the South Caucasus region.

As per the accord, Iran will purchase nine million cubic meters of gas from Russia on a daily basis. Apart from that, Tehran will receive another six million cubic meters of gas for supplying to other clients of Russia in the southern region of Iran.

The Petroleum Ministry of Iran has issued a statement, mentioning that the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) struck a USD 40 billion deal with the Russian state-owned gas producer Gazprom in July 2022. The agreement also called for the completion of gas pipelines from Iran to Pakistan and Oman, as well as the completion of a number of LNG production projects in the Islamic Republic.

Earlier, the Iranian media had reported that Tehran would receive Russian gas through Turkmenistan. However, the latest reports have suggested that Tehran will use the 15 mcm of gas supply from Russia per day to strengthen its domestic supply network in the densely populated regions in its northwestern part, apart from exporting the increased amounts of natural gas to Turkey and Iraq through pipelines in the western part of the country.

Iran has already signed a gas swap arrangement with Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan on the basis of which it consumes gas, received from Turkmenistan, in its northeastern regions, and delivers the same amount of gas to Azerbaijan.

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