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A Girl Of Indian Origin…

Nitsha Muliyasha, a 20-year-old Indian-origin girl, is fighting against enemies thousands miles away from home as she is part of Israel’s Defence Forces Team.

The Israeli Armed Forces (IDF) bombed the Gaza Strip in May 2021, nearly a month after a ceasefire was declared between the Palestinian Hamas Movement and the IDF. The IDF squad, which carried out the strikes in Gaza, included Nitsha.

Reports suggest that Nitsha belongs to a Gujarati family that originally hails from Kothari, a small village near Rajkot in western Indian Province of Gujarat. However, the family settled in Tel Aviv many years ago. Later, Nitsha became the first person of Gujarati-origin to be inducted into the IDF. There are a total of 45 Gujarati families living in Israel… however, most of them are involved in the diamond trade. In a sense, Nitsha’s family is an exception to this.

Nitsha Muliyasha (L) with another soldier

Nitsha’s father Zivabhai Muliyasa has informed the press that his daughter was inducted into the IDF as part of the West Asian nation’s conscription system a couple of years ago. The system makes it mandatory for all Israelis above 18 to serve in the Army. Meanwhile, he praised Israel’s education system for inculcating leadership qualities in children. As far as Nitsha is concerned, he said: “My daughter has been stationed on the borders of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt in the last two years. At present, she is stationed in Gush Dan, the combat location from where the Israeli Forces are attacking Hamas in Gaza.

Zivabhai stressed: “Usually she works for eight hours a day, but sometimes she works all 24 hours and does after-work-hour duties as well. She’s really committed to her work. We usually meet her on weekends, but it’s usually once in quite a few months.

Nitsha enjoying with other soldiers

Nitsha knows how to use of most modern weapons. She is also trained in multi-faceted manoeuvres on the battlefield. After the end of her 2.4-year tenure with the Army, she would have to sign an agreement for a period of five to 10 years during which she could enroll in engineering, medicine or any other course of her choice, as per her qualification. Her proud father stated that the Israeli Army would bear the entire cost of her education.

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