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Moral & Ethical Dilemmas!

The European Union (EU) wants to control the intelligenceintelligence of the machine! It was once thought that intelligence and the ability of anticipation would keep Human Beings one step ahead of the machine. Machines are accustomed to solving complex problems, and their memory power is also remarkable. However, machines do not have the ability to think. Hence, they can’t anticipate the situation, and take action accordingly. Meanwhile, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has largely changed the scenario by allowing machines to anticipate. In fact, Human Beings have taught machines to anticipate through various algorithms.

With the advent of the advanced technology, Human Civilisation has entered into a Digital Age. In this age, AI is controlling various aspects of human life. However, it would be a mistake to consider that the strength of technology is infinite. It doesn’t take long for technology to be misused. That is why the EU has proposed to make an Act in order to regulate AI, in a rare first!

This proposal is being considered as a centrist path. The proposed move will safeguard the Civil Rights, and will preserve the innovative trend, as well. Risk factors have also been clearly identified in this proposal. The 27-member European bloc has made it clear that AI systems, which are dangerous to the safety, rights and livelihood of people, should be banned immediately. The EU is against the technology that is used in China to monitor the movements of people, and also to determine through social evaluation whether a person is eligible to receive any particular service. Precautionary measures are also being considered in the case of Facial Recognition System technology. Special permission shall be required in this case. The list is long, and the misuse of some specific technologies would invite severe penalties.

Experts have welcomed the EU’s proposal, saying that this control is much required. Not just AI, uncontrolled use of Digital Technology as a whole is dangerous to Individual Liberty in many cases. Often, people with vested interests trigger communal, racial, and gender-related tension by using the AI in different parts of the globe.

India cannot be considered as an exception to it. Questions have been raised about data security, time and again, in the South Asian nation. The Indian State has been accused of not taking enough steps to protect personal data of its citizens. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the risk factors first and set the rules before promoting the use of Digital Technology. It is not desirable to put a stop to the advancement of technology. At the same time, the State has a duty to safeguard Individual Liberty. Otherwise, Democracy will become meaningless

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