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Month: June 2021

Biden On Illusionary Course Against China

Going into the history of the US’ relations with China from the 1940s on, Indian journal The Economic Times recently stated in an article that US assessments and policies have […]

The Turning Point Of The Century?

Sayyid Ebrahim Raisol-Sadati, commonly known as Ebrahim Raisi, has recently been elected as the President of Iran. The 60-year-old Raisi – a Conservative and Principlist Politician, and a Jurist – […]

On A Trident Of Diplomatic Relations

The Indian Foreign Policy-makers are trying their best to solve a three-pronged puzzle that is called a Diplomatic Triangle by the experts. After several meetings between Europe and the US […]

A Girl Of Indian Origin…

Nitsha Muliyasha, a 20-year-old Indian-origin girl, is fighting against enemies thousands miles away from home as she is part of Israel’s Defence Forces Team. The Israeli Armed Forces (IDF) bombed […]

Holding High-Stakes Summit

Aviator sunglasses have always been his favourite. His eyes were covered with Aviators when he recently met Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle ahead of the G7 Summit. US […]

After Years Of Conflict

The rapprochement between Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Arab World has started taking shape a decade after Syria was removed from the Arab League and Assad declared Persona non-grata […]

Managing Diversity Through Inclusion

Bangladesh has silently taken a step towards a Social Revolution! The Sheikh Hasina Government in Dhaka has announced that private companies would enjoy Special Tax Exemption for hiring Transgenders in […]

IsBN: Chapter Of A Book On West Asia?

Putting an end to its 12-year-long political crisis, Israel recently got a new Government as outgoing Prime Minister Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu lost by a narrow margin! The 49-year-old Hard-Right Jewish […]

The ‘Chilling’ Fields…

Sometimes the barrel of a gun becomes the source of Power, but it seems that often the pen becomes mightier than the gun or a sword. This Power has the […]