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Future Shocks?

The coastal cities in North America and north-western Europe will be under the Atlantic Ocean in the next 80 years, while heat waves and cyclones will become even more devastating! A recent international study has made such a claim. The Study Paper has been published in Nature Geoscience, a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Nature Publishing Group.

Researchers have found that Climate Change has triggered a change in the behaviour of currents in Atlantic Ocean. According to researchers, the existing Human Civilisation has changed the Climate in the region. Hence, Oceanic Currents have become slower in the Atlantic Ocean in the last 1600 years. They have warned that the speed of these currents would slow down even more, if the effects of Global Warming are not controlled in the 21st Century.

This particular current in the Atlantic Ocean is called the Gulf Stream. This extremely hot water current originates in the Gulf of Mexico and spreads to Florida quite fast. Then, the current flows very swiftly along the eastern coast of North America, reaching Newfoundland first. Later, it reaches northern and north-western Europe. As per the Study, another part of the current reaches West Africa. Interestingly, the Gulf Stream is one of the regulators of Climate and Weather in North America and Europe.

Atlantic Ocean

Researchers have further warned that the Human Civilisation would have to bear the brunt of the slowdown of the Gulf Stream in the last 1600 years. It would trigger drastic changes in Climate and Weather Conditions of the countries on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The water level of the Atlantic might also rise, drastically! As a result of this, all the cities in the Eastern Coast of North America and north-western Europe would be submerged in the Atlantic by 2100!

While Global Warming is stated to mean that Earth’s Average Annual Air Temperature is on the rise, but not necessarily in every single location during all seasons across the Globe. It has been mentioned more than often about the condition over the past 150 years… Global Warming, in this process, seemingly has more than undone the Global Cooling that occurred over the past six millennia. According to a major study published in Nature Research‘s Scientific Data on June 30, “Holocene global mean surface temperature is a multi-method reconstruction approach“. The findings show that the millennial-scale global cooling began approximately 6,500 years ago when the Long-Term Average Global Temperature topped out at around 0.7°C warmer than the mid-19th Century.

Another form of arguments has been noticed in The Deniers, a book by the Canadian Environmentalist and Writer Lawrence Solomon, where it is subtitled “The world-renowned scientists who stood up against global warming hysteria, political persecution, and fraud“, too. There, attention is drawn to a number of scientists and others who, arguably, have advanced arguments against what he termed the Alarmist view of Global Warming, as presented by Al Gore, the IPCC, as well as other sources… Solomon even stated that, as an Environmentalist and active member of the Canadian Environmental, Anti-Nuclear, Activist organisation Energy Probe, he did not originally question the mainstream opinion on Global Warming and the likewise views by the Climate Sceptics; rather, he was aware, based on his experiences opposing nuclear power during the 1970s, that it was possible that scientists with integrity could hold unconventional and unpopular views by disagreeing to conform to the wisdom of the day, keeping in mind the Future!

Gulf Stream, Satellite image, NASA

Whether Life on Planet Earth will perish, or that it faces absorption by the Sun in about 7.5 billion years (after the star has entered the red giant phase and expanded beyond the planet’s current orbit); or that, by the next millennium, Global Warming would be more than a hot topic – the West Antarctic ice sheet could collapse, and Global Sea Levels would rise by about 13 feet (4 meters), according to a study. Even, there might not be poor countries any more, with the development of countries around the world will be that much further along, as data has shown that 700 million fewer people lived in extreme poverty in 2010 than they did in 1990, and the rate of improvement has also slowly increased since the turn of the century. The Fate of All, on this Planet, is bleak!

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