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In Pursuit Of Countering Dragon

Outgoing US President Donald Trump wanted to see India as a weapon to counter the domination of China in Asia. A declassified Trump Administration Report has revealed this Truth! As per the Report, Washington DC planned to boost co-operation with the Narendra Modi Government in New Delhi in order to counter the Chinese Hegemony, apart from strengthening Taiwan‘s defence system

Robert O’ Brien, the National Security Adviser to the US President, recently released the 10-page Report, titled United States’ Strategic Framework for the Indo-Pacific, which clearly mentioned that President Trump had approved the plan in February 2018 to reduce Beijing’s influence in the Indo-Pacific Region.

Robert O’ Brien

Talking to the media, O’Brien was heard mentioning: “Beijing is increasingly pressuring Indo-Pacific nations to subordinate their Freedom and Sovereignty to a ‘Common Destiny’ envisioned by the Chinese Communist Party. The US’ approach is different. We seek to ensure that our Allies and Partners, in short, all who share the Values and Aspirations of a Free and Open Indo-Pacific, can Preserve and Protect their Sovereignty.” According to the secret Indo-Pacific Strategy, the US wanted to focus on countering Beijing’s influence in 2018 in shaping the Geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific Region for the next three years!

The National Security Adviser further stressed that China was creating troubles for India in an attempt to increase its influence in South Asia. At the same time, Beijing wanted to forcibly include Taiwan in mainland China. He blasted the Communist Party of China for triggering a tension in the entire region.

President Trump with PM Modi

The Strategy, prepared in 2018, also expressed serious concern over a possible Chinese Military aggression against India. Incidentally, the Chinese Armed Forces violated the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with India near Ladakh in May 2020. The Trump Administration had also mentioned in the report that North Korea, too, threatened the security of the Indo-Pacific Region.

Foreign Policy Experts and Security Analysts are of the opinion that the release of such a document by the Trump Administration ahead of the beginning of Joe Biden’s Presidency is significant, as the document stated that Beijing’s growing influence in Indo-Pacific Region was markedly against the interest of Washington DC. The Secret Strategy further stressed on the need to build a strategic axis with India, Japan and Australia in order to corner the Asian Giant.

Chinese President Xi Jinping & US President Donald Trump

Experts believe that it would difficult for President-elect Biden, despite being a vocal critic of Trump’s policies, to ignore these recommendations!

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  1. The ground reality is reflecting in blog. Latest incidents on indo-chinies borders and Chiana’s claim on on Arunachal are live proofs. I believe chinies real strength is their total disregard to human life besides military and financial strength.


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