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Militarism, Imperialism & Corporatism

Ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, Investigative Journalist and Author Glenn Greenwald has expressed serious concern over the Biden Presidency. Talking to the US and Russian Media, he has warned of the Corporatism and Militarism behind the Big Tech censorship, and of what is in store under the Biden Administration.

On Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, Greenwald said that the Silicon Valley Social Media shutdowns were “not some unilateral power grab”, but were by the dark powers behind the major media pressuring for this – CNN, New York Times, and the rest.

Glenn Greenwald

Greenwald explained this more at length on RT’s On Contact show on January 17 hosted by Chris Hedges, as he began by presenting a terrifying picture of the Biden Administration’s future policies. He warned that Biden is “somebody who has repeatedly supported Militarism and Imperialism” and “one of the crucial leading advocates of the Invasion of Iraq”. On the domestic front, Biden is “a loyal servant of the credit card and banking industry” and the “architect of the 1994 Crime Bill”, which has been blamed for dramatically increasing the incarceration rate of Black men in the US. Greenwald pointed out the irony of Leftists and Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters rallying to Biden, given his involvement in passing the Crime Bill. Essentially, Greenwald asserted, the Democratic Party “serves Militarism, Imperialism, and Corporatism”, quite different from what they claim to support. “That’s who funds them, that’s what they believe in. It’s why you see neo-cons migrating so comfortably back to the Democratic Party, why you see Bush and Cheney operatives cheering for Joe Biden, why Wall Street celebrated when he picked Kamala Harris,” he stressed.

Joe Biden

What are the consequences of this Establishment support for Biden? “It’s not a coincidence that after eight years of Obama and Biden, we got Donald Trump,” Greenwald said. “Obviously, if you go back and do exactly the same thing that the ‘Obiden’ Administration did for eight years, which is what Biden’s preparing to do, any rational person has to expect the same outcome,” insisted the former Attorney. Given his policies, Greenwald said, Biden could set the stage for a “smarter, more stable version of Trump” to take power after him. But what can be expected in the immediate period under Biden, he warned, is that the American Middle Class would “continue to be destroyed”, while companies “that have no allegiance to the US” would continue to outsource jobs. “Communities will continue to be ravaged with unemployment crises, drug addiction, suicide, depression, all these things that are dominating small American towns,” he further said.

As for the degree particularly of Big Tech censorship imposed in the US, Left-leaning journalists over the past four years have cheered on the censorship and de-platforming of what they were told were “dangerous voices”, Greenwald explained. “The Democratic Party, including its Liberal Wing and its Left Wing are very much aboard the idea that we cannot have free speech in this age – of whatever they want to call it – White Supremacy, domestic terrorism, Right-Wing extremism, because it’s simply too dangerous. And not only should Free Speech be restricted by laws enacted by Congress, which presumably would mean (to) amend the First Amendment, but until then, they are on their knees pleading with Billionaires and Oligarchs, and monopolists in Silicon Valley, to censor in a way that they believe is advantageous,” he stated.

Courtesy: HT Media

Greenwald “found it very interesting that numerous world leaders, including ones that have a famously acrimonious relationship with President Trump stood up and denounced Twitter’s and Facebook’s decision to ban President Trump from the Social Media platform”. He cited the case of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, saying that these leaders “are extremely concerned about these private monopolists, whom they cannot battle – the EU has been trying to break up Google and Facebook for years, and they simply can’t because they are too powerful – and they’re coming after their democracies”. If they can do it to the President of the United States, Donald Trump, “they know it can be done to them and their countries, as well”, Greenwald told the press.

Boundless Ocean of Politics has received this article from Christopher Lewis of Schiller Institute, Frankfurt, Germany.

Christopher Lewis

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