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Staying Online: On The Right Track?

The laptop has found its place near the kitchen, as the teacher is getting prepared to take her online classes. On the other hand, the father is trying a hand at feeding his newborn while an online meeting is taking place. All these are happening in the post-COVID-19 world! The message is clear: the arrival of a tiny virus has completely changed the world of work in the last one year. It is not that just the work culture has changed, but the concept of workplace has also changed. It seems that this change is not to be erased in near future… may be, it will become more enduring, or what is termed as the new normal!

Almost everyone has now been forced to accept the fact that our new work-stations will be at our homes. Large Organisations, like Twitter and Facebook, among others have hinted that they will ask their employees to work from home in the coming days. Researchers are of the opinion that nearly 20% of the global workforce can actually work from homes. It means that they would not have to go to their offices in future. These people could avoid the hassle of going to their respective offices in the morning, and would not have to depend on private or public transport to reach there on time. They could, as well, avoid the traffic jams, especially during the rush hour.

The work from home system may also jeopardize the relationship between an Organisation and its employees to an end. This relationship does not just stand for getting paid for performing duties; instead, it would be much wider and deeper, as it would involve being more friendly with one’s colleagues, and even a lasting attachment with one’s computer, virtually. All these have arisen because of the virus. Still, researchers have found that the new system has enhanced the skills and productivity of the employees. In a homely atmosphere, it becomes easier for them to concentrate more on their jobs.

On the flip-side, it has its undoing, as well! In the work from home system, the employers should take care of the working hours of their employees. The working hours should not become indefinite, as people are operating from their homes. It is the responsibility of the staff, as well as the organisations, to maintain the delicate balance. Not everyone has the opportunity and facility to work from home. The employers might have to help their employees resolve the issue. As the coming days are uncertain, undoubtedly those – who would adapt to the change – will be the ones who will survive and thrive…

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