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Category: Recession

Paperless And…

Sri Lanka recently cancelled exams in more than a million schools for an indefinite period due to an acute shortage of papers. The Education Ministry issued a statement on March […]

Retardation Accelerated

When it comes to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, monetary policy is hardly conventional. The Every Morning Asia online portal has explained why President Erdoğan’s economic fantasy would not save […]

A Possible Cataclysm?

It may be said that China is the single largest contributor to the overall growth of the Global Economy. As one of the world’s manufacturing hubs and leading trading nations, […]

Disaster Looms…

Almost all the countries are desperate to get their people vaccinated as soon as possible, as it has become increasingly difficult for them to extend the period of lockdown. The […]

LPG & The Economic Reform Policy

Every Indian still remembers Pamulaparthi Venkata Narasimha Rao (June 28, 1921 – December 23, 2004) who had served as the ninth Prime Minister of India from June 21, 1991 to […]

Underestimation, Complacency & Denial

It is self-evident in the Market System that if the economy slows down, people will start losing their jobs. India is no exception to this. In its latest report, the […]

Staying Online: On The Right Track?

The laptop has found its place near the kitchen, as the teacher is getting prepared to take her online classes. On the other hand, the father is trying a hand […]

Not Much Of Relief, Though…

“It’s pathetic to see my boy dying, slowly. I would not return home without healing him completely,” said Mohammad Yusuf while looking at Shamim, who is just six, suffering from […]

Base Indices!

The position of India has dropped in the UN Human Development Index, with the present ranking being 131st out of 189 countries. Neighbouring Sri Lanka, China and Bhutan have performed […]