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Category: Recession

Diplomatic Friendship

French President Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron hit the headlines by making controversial comments about Taiwan on April 9, 2023. On April 12, the President clarified that he stood by his […]


Pakistan has been going through an acute economic crisis, with the value of the Pakistani Rupee hitting all-time low against the US Dollar. In spite of knowing the current financial […]

Tackling Effects Of Brexit, And

Defying forecasts made by economists, a hike in prices of essential commodities in Britain put the country under tremendous financial pressure in February 2023. On March 22, the Statistics Office […]

On Automation, Recession And…

A grim picture of economic inequality emerged in the US in the 1980-90s; and three decades later, the scenario has turned out to be more so. There, it was seen […]

No Longer Serving Readers

It seems that the US media follow the path of the tech giants, as various media houses see huge layoffs. From CNN to The Washington Post and Vox, many journalists […]

The ‘Developed’ Dilemma

There has been a lot of concern about the slowdown in economic growth and the rise in inflation across the globe. Oil prices had risen in the 1970s, so did […]

Population, Life-Expectancy & Disparities

The United Nations (UN) recently confirmed that the World Population reached eight billion on November 15, 2022. In a report, the UN claimed that the Global Population would touch 9.7 […]

An Astonishing Comeback

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (b. October 27, 1945) has returned to the Presidency of Brazil after 12 years. Jailed for corruption and banned from running for President… Lula has […]

Banking On Their Researches

When the Nobel Committee announced on October 10, 2022 that US Economists Ben Shalom Bernanke (b. December 13, 1953), Douglas Warren Diamond (b. October 1953) and Philip Hallen Dybvig (b. […]