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A Scholarly Image Tarnished

Noted Historian Oleg Valeryevich Sokolov has been found guilty for committing a crime! Yulia Maximenko, the Judge of a local court in Saint Petersburg, recently sentenced the historian to “12 years and six months in a strict regime penal colony” on charges of murder, and illegal possession of firearms. While delivering the verdict, the judge mentioned that the Russian historian and Napoleon enthusiast would be having to serve his prison term for murdering and dismembering his young student lover. “He was aware of his actions at the time of the crime,” stated the judge as she read out the verdict. She further said that the reported intent to murder arose suddenly.

Oleg Valeryevich Sokolov

In this decade-old case, Sokolov was accused of murdering his 24-year-old girlfriend and student Anastasia Yeshchenko, and then by decapitating her. The Russian Police arrested Sokolov in November 2019 after he was hauled out of the freezing Moika River while drunk. He was also carrying a backpack, containing a woman’s arms. Thereafter, the Police started investigating the incident.

Anastasia Yeshchenko

When the court was hearing the final arguments pertaining to the case in the third week of December, prosecutors requested a 15-year-term for Sokolov. Meanwhile, his Pleader Sergei Lukyanov informed the media that the defence “does not agree” with the sentence, and would decide whether to appeal after receiving a copy of the verdict.

It may be noted that 63-year-old Sokolov had received Legion d’Honneur, France’s highest Order of Merit (both Military and Civil), in 2003 for his studies on Napoleon.

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