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Sheer Joy…

She has escaped a Nazi assassination attempt, a plane crash, breast cancer and Coronavirus in her colourful and amazing life to celebrate 100th Birthday in November 2020!

Joy Andrew was born in London in 1920. She joined the Royal Air Force during the Second World War, and served as a member of The Bomber Command for long. Once, she – being of German-Jewish descent – was transferred to Dusseldorf. The only daughter of the family with which she used to stay in the German city, was a Nazi sympathiser! She had a driver, who was a Nazi, as well! One day, the driver deliberately caused an accident in order to get her killed! Somehow, she survived the assassination bid…

Joy Andrew

Her daughter Michele has recalled: “This included a trip to Berlin, where she wandered alone in the remains of the Reichstag. She also went to the Nuremberg Trials. This was obviously important to her. One day the driver picked her up and, en route to the destination, deliberately crashed the car in an attempt to kill her. She still bears the scar on her face from the assassination attempt. The driver was arrested and turned out to be a Nazi.

Later, Joy joined the British Overseas Airways Corporation as a flight attendant. Once, the flight she was in crashed in Libya and broke up upon impact. This time, too, she survived! Michele has said: “One day, the pilot made a dreadful mistake and flew off course, running out of fuel. The plane, a comet, crashed in Libya and broke upon impact. The crew survived, but one passenger died. They were all stranded in the desert and rescued by Bedouins – a nomadic Arab of the desert.” Joy faced the biggest challenge of her life after her retirement, as she had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 1970. However, she responded to the treatment, and recovered in a couple of years.

Joy, who lives in North Yorks, had tied the nuptial knot with RAF Squadron Leader David Andrew in the 1950’s and adopted Michel in 1963. David passed away in 2013.

Joy with her husband David

A few months ago, she was tested COVID-19 positive. She was on life support, as her condition was extremely critical. However, Joy won the battle against Coronavirus and returned home! The ever-smiling English lady recently celebrated her 100th Birthday by cutting a cake in front of her friends and well-wishers.

Joy celebrating her 99th Birthday in 2019

Meanwhile, her daughter Michele (57) stressed: “I’m so proud of Mum for reaching her 100th Birthday. She has lived the most colourful and amazing life.” She added: “My mother survived an assassination attempt in post-war Germany by her chauffeur, later identified as a Nazi, she survived a crash landing in the desert as one of BOAC’s first air hostesses and was rescued by Bedouins, and she survived breast cancer. She certainly wasn’t going to let Coronavirus defeat her.

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