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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

The principal quality of the Great Dictators of all countries, and of all times is that they love themselves the most. They are reluctant to see anything except their own pictures, or to hear other than their own voices. As long as they enjoy power, their grovellers continue to support them out of fear and self-interest. It helps the Authoritarian Rulers smoothly run their respective administrative processes… The face of the Dictator would eventually become the face of the country, while his voice would echo through the media. No one gets to hear voices of others, as Dictators believe that there should be no other voice!

However, human minds, just like Nature, are diverse… the minds of Human Beings can be ruled and suppressed, but cannot be killed. After being suppressed for a while, they get to awaken and rise! Then, the other voice becomes stronger. At a time when the Dictator starts considering her/himself as omnipotent after looking at her/his own image in the mirror, this other voice starts to disturb the Dictator. The Ruler, obviously, considers this voice as Unjust, and immediately brands the protesters as Anti-Nationals. The Dictator also tries to suppress the other voice, by using the Judiciary and other Administrative weapons. Interestingly, the Rules of History and Time are ruthless. It was correctly depicted in a movie that a formidable person, once, thought that this world was like a balloon and one could play with it. However, the balloon burst all of a sudden, leaving the Dictator surprised and shocked!

Those, who respect Democracy and the other view, are not Dictators. Hence, they do not hesitate to accept Defeat! They know that people elect them only to ensure development, and they would have to go, if they fail to perform. They also know that they are not heroes, but representatives of the people. Democratic leaders make an attempt to reform their ideologies after facing defeat. They re-engage themselves in their duties after correcting their mistakes, and overcoming the limitations. However, Dictators do not care to rectify themselves!

Often, people forgive Dictators, if they correct their mistakes. And, those, who are unable to change themselves, are seen to destroy their own future. Many of the Dictators committed suicide in the past. Perhaps, a Change in the system could only Change the characters and mentality of Dictators. As no system is permanent or eternal, Dictatorship, too, is transient. While trying to maintain one’s Authority, self-proclaimed Rulers are wiped out. This is the essence of the system. People of a particular period of time adopt a system for their betterment. However, people – belonging to a different time – overthrow that system. It is, then, the lonely and tired Dictator stands in front of a broken mirror

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